Coffee Girls

Went to get coffee and the 3 girls behind the counter were checking me out hard.

Me: A double shot espresso would be amazing right now.
Her: I'm on it. Anything else
Me: Nope that should do it. You seem all bright and cheerful this morning
Her: Thanks I'm having a good day(now all the girls are at the counter wanting in)
Me: I'm headed to the lake to dip my toes in. The 3 of you should join. Work is over rated.
Her: Yes I'm in. But the boss is here. Here's your coffee.
Me: Boo for work. Thanks for the coffee. You have any honey?
Her: Sure let me have the coffee(I give it to her)
Me: Actually do you mind if I do it. Don't want to much honey.
Her: Sure.
Me: Awesome. A full service place. Thanks. See ya around.