My name is TranceAddikt and I am an asshole..
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  1. My name is TranceAddikt and I am an asshole..

    I’ve made several posts on here that have been scattered throughout the forums so I have decided to make a very comprehensive and exhaustive journal/field/lay report here. (side note: I will be reviving my blog. Stay tuned..)
    It’s going to be Legen….wait for it…dary!!

    Gentlemen, let me preface this journal by saying that I have been called many things by a lot of girls. There’s no reason to sugar coat anything. I am an asshole. Like most guys doing what I’m doing, I have been hurt in the past so much so that I am jaded into thinking I am no longer capable of loving. Blah blah blah I like to get drunk whenever I feel it is appropriate which usually means it’s not appropriate. I don’t really follow the rules and try to sleep with as many girls as possible (or as I like to call it.. ‘living the dream’).

    More about me:
    I am six foot 3 inches tall with an athletic build. I am neither ripped nor super skinny - think of James Deen (the male pornstar) but taller. I am not that super attractive guy that all the girls drool over but where I lack in appearance, I make up with my “charming” personality which is why I am so successful at what I do. To put things into perspective, I recommend watching the following 3 movies (in this order): Swingers, Alfie, Fight Club (pay special attention to Tyler Durden). Then go read “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.”

    My MO/Philosophy:
    I have no shame. “In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is a second awesome gland. True story.” More importantly, I always say: If they can’t take a joke, then f*ck them.

  2. Late night booty calls
    I came home from work absolutely exhausted. My eyes were heavy and I was starting to get a bit of a headache. I thought to myself this is going to be a shitty night and I’ll probably end up passing out balls deep in a pillow on my couch. My boys and I had been in a BBM chat since earlier in the day about plans for the evening. Ideas were being tossed around and it seemed like it was going to be a dud so I wasn’t getting my hopes up. In fact, I wanted to finish watching a movie I started on the train. Finally we decided to just chill at PrinceOfPersia ’s (friend of mine) house.. I let out a loud sigh because I really wasn’t feeling like driving 30 mins to have some pizza and smoke hookah.

    On the drive over I get a text from a past booty call that I hadn’t talked to in a few months. It’s Stage5 (clingy chick that used to be a regular). Let me take a minute and preface the text message with the following:
    The last I had heard from her was her yelling profanities at me in a voicemail. She was telling me to go fuck myself for the way I treated her last time. Ok so I wasn’t the nicest guy the last time we met but she was being a little dramatic. After the voicemail I filed her number on my phone under “D” for Delete but had not pulled the trigger yet. Like most girls, she wanted more out of the relationship and I just didn’t want to give her what she wanted. At the time it was romantic of me to think that it could continue without her saying she wanted more at some point. I knew I had to stage a disappearing act before she goes in psycho-stalker mode. Granted, I probably didn’t do it in best taste when I left mid-sentence while she was bitching to me and got the fuck out of there, hence the crazy voicemail I got shortly thereafter but I digress.

    Back to the story…Where was I? Oh yeah. So about a week ago, in a very inebriated state, I had texted her with what I like to call a “feeler text.” This was basically a generic greeting such as “hey stranger” to check her temp on whether she was still pissed at me or not. What can I say? I was horny and looking for somewhere to park my cock. She did not respond so I figured it was definitely over.
    A week goes by… Here’s the text I got and the text messages that followed.
    “So are you just texting bc you need a good fuck?”
    “Are you just responding bc you wanna get fucked?”
    “Maybe…? I’m thinking about it.. what about you?”
    “hahahaha duh”
    “Who doesn’t want to get fucked?”
    “So when can you fuck..?”
    Right to the point! I like that. After some more texts to try to sync up our schedules and pick a time we could get together, we finally decide that the weekend is not a good option so I suggested we just get together that same night. At this point, I have just arrived at PrinceOfPersia’s house. I go in and we shoot the shit as always, light the hookah and have some pizza. I realized it’s starting to get late. I had to be up for work at 5am the next day. I knew I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t get a good night’s rest. I decided to cut out early and go meet up with Stage5.

    I arrive at her place to be greeted by her in a very revealing nighty; the room is dimly lit by a few scented candles. It seems like she really went all out for this one. I began thinking that it might be another elaborate ploy to try to win me over. We bs for a few mins and she pushes me back onto the couch. She climbs on top and straddles me. I can tell she wants it to be strictly business which I was surprised since she is usually a chatty cathy and the only way I can get her to shut up is by putting my cock in her mouth. She takes off my shirt as I stand up with her still straddling me and carry her into her bedroom. Normally after we finish she goes into Stage 5 clinger mode and starts talking about how she doesn’t just want to be another “notch on the belt” and that she has feelings for me… blah blah blah you know how it goes. But this time I looked at my watch (which just so happened to be the only thing I was wearing) and said, “It’s getting late, I should probably go..” to which she replied, “Yeah I have to be up early in the morning.” Holy shit! That was easy. Didn’t even have to do the obligatory 2 minute cuddle afterwards. I got dressed and left.

    And that, my friends, is what I like to call a true booty call. I think she finally realized that she wasn’t going to get much else out of it and that she is just a hole to fill. Good game, lads!

    Quick Update: Currently we’re on a hiatus for a while.. I'll still send a few texts just to keep it “warm” but I’m on to better things now.

  3. Two Wins in One Night

    For what it's worth, I thought I'd share with some of you a transcript of the text messages I exchanged with a cougar I met at a bar last night. She was ridiculously hot! I gave her my highest grade.. A-

    Backstory: I've recently gotten out of a relationship and decided to throw myself back out there. I've had relative success albeit I am quite rusty. I've since re-read some articles and posts on here that always "pump me up" and give me that push that I need. It's like riding a bicycle..

    But alas I digress. So last night I took a long time friend to dinner at a high-end steakhouse here in Chicago. Just so all of you are aware and can hone in on the central thesis of the night, I was in boyfriend destroyer mode. This is a girl that I've known for quite some time and recently decided that I want to go after her. Now keep in mind our interaction has been very minimal (almost non-existent) over the past few years. Our timing has been absolutely terrible; either she is seeing someone or I am and it just has never worked out. When we reconnected, she said she has recently "started seeing someone new" but still agreed to dinner. Dinner was great, yada yada, blah blah blah, I saw her off and was going to take the last train (12:40am) home.

    I get to the train station and have some time to kill so I hit up the bar in the airport and much to my dismay, it is still open with a few people. Among them was this blonde cougar with an AMAZING body so I strategically sat next to her. I kept laughing at the bartender because he was trying SO hard to flirt with her. Finally I had to step in and take over.

    We start talking about all kinds of things.. I find out she's from LA (which I could have guessed from the way she was dressed - a sort of hipster way with a laid back look. It was really attractive. Very clean. Very Tight. Tits.... like that! (obviously fake).

    She was in town on an open-ended ticket visiting her sister and kept going ON and ON how bored she was. Major, major IOIs. Went in for the number close. Got it and called her (just to make sure it was her real #). Saw the time and took off to catch my train.

    I knew that I wanted(needed) to keep the momentum going so I texted her right away. The following is the convo as it unfolded (note: i'm gonna call her OrganicGirl):

    Me: It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you, OrganicGirl! Hope you get home safe. -Trance
    OrgoGirl: Thank you, Trance! The pleasure was all mine.. hope u get home safe as well. Good night
    Me: I'm serious though... I'd love to see you again, soon!
    OrgoGirl: sounds great to me!
    Me: Cool.. I'm not into being vague and ambiguous.. Let's get something on the books. How's this weekend sound?
    OrgoGirl: Could be awesome. I work until 10:30ish on Sat. Sunday not sure, but I'll let you know tomorrow. Would that be ok?
    Me: Absolutely!
    Me: Cool.. Should be funnnnn!
    OG: Absolutely!!!
    Me: Your sis won't mind if I come out there?
    OG: Of course not! Why r u crazy???
    me: Yeah I'm an axe murderer! nahh completely normal and sane
    og: omg... we all kind of crazy. but if u r the good kind of crazy, it's all good.
    me: Yup! Def the good kind of crazy!
    og: can't wait to find out... lol
    me: oh you're in for a real treat!!
    og: for real??? I like treats..
    me: yes! for real! I'll know your socks off!
    og: oh yeah?? wow. I think i just got excited.. how would you know my socks off???
    me: I'd start with a long, deep passionate kiss..
    og: nice. Love passionate kisses..
    me: good! What else do you like?
    og: well. not sure if I should be so forward..
    me: try me
    og: I have an oral fixation.. I would love to suck u dry....
    me: and believe me, it would be reciprocated tenfold... you have no idea.
    og: really??? wow I am SO intrigued.. i am seriously way to horny.. I should stop sorry.
    me: no it's ok... the feelings are mutual. we should def get together this weekend.
    og: sounds amazing. can't wait!
    me: ditto! Let's shoot for sunday then. let me know when you're free.
    og: ok sounds great!
    me: Sounds AMAZING! We'll have a lot of fun!
    og: I am sure we will... wow. you r making it hard for me to think.. lol
    me: Tell me what else you like? I'm going to do some naughty naughty things to you.
    og: really??? like what?
    me: gonna make your toes curl with my tongue!!
    og: I'm curious....
    me: Will tease you and bring you soooo close but I'll keep holding back until you're ready to absolutely explode..
    og: nice you vicious with your tongue???
    me: Out. of. control..
    og: It might be too much for u.. I am kind of crazy sexually...
    me: I can handle it... the real question is are you gonna be able to keep up?
    og: ohh darling.. U r too cute... u have no idea..
    me: I think you're in for quite the surprise!! You'll see on sunday!
    og: Can't wait!

    og: i am now on my train.. lol the bartender was telling everyone I was his girlfriend.
    me: lol dude is a weirdo. i can barely understand him and he's been there FOREVER!
    og: I am dying.. there's this guy on the train that just took a picture of me.. OMG!! I feel like I am an alien or something!!! lol
    me: "Hey everyone.. look at the freak" lol you're a QT 3.14
    og: that is what I feel like a fucking freak!!!!
    me: oh shuggs!! You're not a freak.. (Only in the bed)
    og: wow you know me already??
    me: just wishful thinking..
    og: well you might be surprised..
    me: I hope so! don't tease mee

    This is where the fun really begins! She starts sending me some super sexy pics.. some nice cleavage shots, a body shot of her in a bikini! Abs like a fitness trainer with a sexy side tattoo. I know girls my age that would KILL for a body like hers! BEAUTIFULLY preserved!

    OG: [PIC]
    me: yummy! soo sexy
    og: [PIC of cleavage] "I want you here"
    me: few more days! you have no idea what you're in for.. you definitely won't be "bored" when I'm done with u..
    og: for real? show me..
    me: yeah? what do you want to see?
    og: whatever you want to show me.. I'm already wet as fuck.. omg.. i can't handle it.. just thinking about u is just ummm driving me crazy..
    me: [body pic] i send her my usual body pic with my face cut off.
    OG: [ANOTHER PIC] this time of her pulling her pants down a bit.
    me: omg I can't wait to peel those off you.
    me: can we just play ALL day sunday? marathon-style?
    og: I'm down..
    og: [NAKED PIC]
    me: wow so sexy! is it sunday yet? i'm gonna do so many naughty things to you..
    me: tell me what you like sexually?
    og: Everything.. i love to kiss, fuck, suuuuuucckkk.. what else is there??
    me: that about covers it!
    og: ooooohh yeah.. cumm all over my face.. my mouth.. omg. i want u to fuck my face..
    this went on for a bit longer and then she said her phone was at 2% so I told her we'd pick it up again the following day.

    It feels good to be back!! I ask for your pardon with my eloquence in this post as I am bored at work. I will write another update post-Sunday's "marathon."

    Gentlemen, It's going to be a good weekend! I have a (regular) fuck buddy coming over on Saturday, another one on Sunday morning and then this cougar!! I'm in it to win it!

    Quick Update: My regular fuck buddy came over on Sat.. We got drunk and had some crazy, crazy sex. My Sunday morning "appt" bailed because she had the flu, but the cougar on Sunday... Holy shit! Not sure why I haven't chased the cougars. Talk about sexual prowess! She was super high energy and crazy. I didn't have any fluids left in me when I left.

  4. Med Students

    A few weeks ago I was at a bar doing what I usually do.. getting trashed when I noticed this cute girl vibing me and staring at me across the bar. I walked over to her and said: “You can’t look at me like that and not say something to me.”(Credit to someone on this forum). At this point I was pretty smashed already so it’s kind of a blur what we actually talked about but I think we talked about a few people at the bar and then about what we do. Turns out she’s a med student and she lives with 4 other med students nearby. I quickly transitioned away from the usual small talk and quickly turned the convo sexual. I started complaining about how most girls only “talk” about wanting a physical relationship but when it comes down to it, they always want more or are emotionally attached. I told her it was a challenge to find someone with a very hi libido like me because they usually can’t keep up. She kept saying how she is different and wants the same things in life.. Trying to qualify herself to me.

    At this point, whether she thought so or not, I knew I was going to bang her that night. I asked her if her roommates were home and if I could see their place since I am in the market to buy something. She said she has a rule about not bring guys home the same night she meets them. I gave her shit saying that she was all talk like most girls. I said ok but I kept bring it up periodically until finally when there was a lull in the conversation she said, “I have this really nice roof deck at my place and it’s got a great view of the sunset..” Yahtzee! We closed out our tabs and started walking to her place. Again she kept going on and on about how she never does this and that she is breaking a huge rule. Blah blah blah. I could careless at this point, I was on a mission! Also I’m a persistent SOB.

    We get back to her place and her 2 roommates are in the kitchen making food. I said hi and we lingered awkwardly for a minute then went up to her roofdeck. We started kissing and getting handsy all over each other. Keep in mind that her roof deck is completely exposed to her neighbors so we must have given them a good show. We moved to the bedroom where she blew me and then I fucked her! Afterwards I looked at my watch (again only thing I was wearing – this is becoming a signature move for me) and said it was getting late. I had work in the AM. I gathered my stuff and bounced.

    We left things with the understanding that it would be “casual” and we could call each other if we wanted to do it again. I wasn’t planning on calling her or contacting her again but about a week later I get this text:

    Her: Hey my roommate wants to know if you can come over and fuck her.
    Me: You’re joking, right?
    Her: No, she’s also a med student and needs some attention.
    Holy shit! Did I just get p*ssy handed to me on a silver platter? At this point I knew I had reached a whole new level. I got her roommate’s number from her and contact her. I told her I was free later that evening and we could grab a few drinks.

    I met her at a bar near their place so it wouldn’t be awkward at first. Guys, let me tell you that meeting someone knowing that you’re going to bang that person later is the best feeling in the world. You feel like a rockstar!

    The conversation was a little forced and awkward at first but I found out she was training for a half-marathon and since I have run a few marathons, we connected and talked about that for a while. She loosened up after about the 2nd drink. She told me her twat was pierced and loved when guys sucked on it. A new mission was laid out in front of me since I haven’t previously been with someone that had a hood piercing. We relocated back to her place..

    At her place, the roommate that I originally fucked was there and so, like a gentleman, I said hi and we talked for a bit. Then I followed her roommate back to her room and we got down to business.

    I have to say that she had a gorgeous pussy.. one of those very clean, neat pussies where everything is tucked away nicely. Not like those roast beef curtains that some girls have that look like someone took a roast beef sandwich and threw it at a wall, no, this one was NICE. I sucked on it for a while and made her cum hard. Afterwards she paused and just laid there breathing heavily and said, “how did you do that? That was magical!” Ha. We fucked and then I left. Naturally.

    I get a text from her soon after I left.

    Her: You can come over and do that any time! Don’t be a stranger.
    So there you have it, boys, two med students who happen to be roommates and will be on-call (pun intended) for some casual fun! Cheers!

  5. Cougar from OKC

    Ok so lately I’ve been trying my luck at the online dating scene. It gives me something to do on my iPad during my morning commute. I’ve been sending some feeler messages to a few girls and getting some responses.

    Last night I saw this cougar (37) on there and figured what the hell, cougars are usually super horny all the time and are into the low-stress, low drama, casual thing. So I messaged her.

    Me: Well aren’t you a cutie! Hi I’m TranceAddikt
    Her: Well ain’t that sweet of you to say! Right back at ya I’m …
    Her (3 mins later): If you’d here’s my number if ya want to text instead of email xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Me: sent you a text..
    We started texting back and forth. Here’s the transcript:

    Me: Hey you! It’s TranceAddikt from OKC
    Her: Hi how are you?
    Me: I’m alright. Just leaving work. Totally thought it was Friday. How bout you?
    Her: well it’s Friday for me I’m off tomorrow
    Me: Lucky you! I plan on getting to work late and leaving early. You know, a typical Friday. What do you do?
    Her: I am a [tells me what she does]. Travel a lot
    Me: sounds fancy! So what do you do in your spare time when you’re not traveling?
    Her: lemme ask u do u know what my age is?
    Me: well OKC says you’re 37… but I’d say you don’t look a day over 30.
    Her: yes I am. Just turned 37. Ok just making sure but thank you for the comment.
    Me: well happy belated then! So what are you looking for?
    Her: don’t really know yet. But having fun is always a choice I like to make! What about you?
    Me: well I just got out of a relationship so I’m not looking to jump into anything.. def like to have some fun tho!
    From this point, I knew I was in. She texted me a pic of her body to which I replied “Yummy! ” We are planning on getting together tonight for some drinks near her place and have some fun. I’ve been texting her all day and she seems very sexual! I play the cocky-funny card all the time with a lot of humor and they just eat it up. I act like I am a rockstar and I don’t need them for anything and for some reason it seems to work for me!

    I’ll update after tonight! Cheers!

  6. Cougar slated to come over this weekend.. It's fully on. No doubt in my mind that I'll f close her; I mean that is the main reason she is coming over.. More updates to follow.

    I took a break this week from all the texting and running game. Been focusing on my work and getting shit done. The weekend is a day away so I'm sure there will be more to post here.

    New Goal: Aim higher. My focus is going to be the "untouchables" near my work. They are the super fashionable, business attire HB9s that work in the corporate world near my office. They usually congregate in the plaza outside my building like sheep. Time to go hunting!


  7. Oh I forgot to mention.. My semi-regular, quasi booty calls have been sent on missions to find us a "friend" to play with. I decided that the pussy got boring and I needed to spice things up. I told my 20 yr old to find us a friend at her college to play with. Keep in mind she's straight but is willing to do this bc she'll fucking do anything i'll tell her. Dance, puppet. Dance! As for the other one, she's bi so she pounced on the idea. My oldest booty call (31 yr old) also entertained the idea but it hasn't materialized yet into her actually searching for a girl. All in due time.

    I thought about getting all 3 together but that has disaster written all over it...

  8. Stripper SNL

    Saturday night was a whiskey kind of night. My boy and I hooked up around 9pm. We grabbed some late dinner at this thai restaurant, had some J-mo then we cabbed it a bit north to a high-end hotel bar. We warmed up a bit there opening a few mixed sets and some older cougars. We weren't sure where we'd go from there but somehow a strip club that we frequent came up in conversation and before I knew it, we were in a cab on our way back to my car.

    When we arrived, the place was packed! No room to sit, only reserved tables. My boy talked to one of the bouncers and got us a table - no charge! We were playing it cool most of the night. It seemed that all the girls were gravitating towards me. My buddy felt a bit awkward because they would walk right past him and sit on my lap! I was pretty playful with them, asking them all kinds of questions and teasing them a lot. Finally my buddy disappears with one of the strippers - he went to get a lap dance and was gone for close to 10 songs. I was just hanging out at our table enjoying the sites. This one stripper kept coming back to me and just sitting on my lap. She wasn't trying to hustle me or ask me for dances so it was nice to just chat while my buddy was gone. I joked around with her that I thought about being a male stripper once and she said that I def have the body for it.

    Finally he returns and asks to borrow some money bc he owed his girl for the "lap dances" which later turned out to be a blowjob in one of the upstairs private rooms. Personally, I would never pay for a blowjob or sex for that matter but that's just my philosophy or credo, if you will, but I digress..

    The night wore on and even though I hadn't gotten a lap dance from any of the girls, I was having a lot of fun just socializing. Finally the DJ announces that they are going to be doing their promo one last time for the evening so my buddy turns to me and says, "aren't you gonna get a lap dance, man?" I told him i was good and then my little stripper friend came over to me after "role call" and sat on my lap. My buddy hands me money (which he got more from the ATM) and tells me to go with her. Normally I would have refused but for some reason decided to go.

    She starts doing her thing and undresses. She turns around so her front is to me and in a very seductive voice tells me how bad she wants to kiss me but can't because if they catch her, she will get fired on the spot - no questions asked. I just shrugged it off and assumed it was part of her normal "hustle." Finally after 3 songs she finishes and says that she'd love to see me outside the club. So i handed her my cell phone and told her to put her # in. Then I told her I'd text her.

    When i returned my boy and i decided that we were spent for the night and we decided to head home. I dropped him off at his car and parked a few blocks away so that he wouldn't see me. I remembered the stripper telling me that she had a hotel room since she lived far away. I knew she'd be off soon since the club was almost closing when we left. Finally around 4:30am I get a text back saying that she's finally off. I asked her where her hotel room was and told her I wanted to see her "to finish what we started." She texted me the address and I was on my way.

    When i got there, we watched some TV for a few minutes and got comfy. i started taking off my shirt and she got on top of me. We fucked for an hour and half, I got dressed and left. I didn't end up getting home until about 7am. My eyes were heavy driving home but again I felt like a rockstar! Put it on the board!

  9. How do you know PrinceOfPersia?! He's one of my good buddies. Nice posts man, enjoyed reading them. Sounds like you have some pretty decent game. Hit me up if you're ever in the Caribbean (a long shot, I know) and we'll go have some fun at the local bars.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by MrCaptain View Post
    How do you know PrinceOfPersia?! He's one of my good buddies. Nice posts man, enjoyed reading them. Sounds like you have some pretty decent game. Hit me up if you're ever in the Caribbean (a long shot, I know) and we'll go have some fun at the local bars.
    PrinceOfPersia is just a nickname I gave to one of my friends; I didn't want to use his real name on here. If that is the name of a member on here, then it is pure coincidence and there's no relation.

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