On the worst cold streak of my life. Advice appreciated!
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  1. On the worst cold streak of my life. Advice appreciated!

    Hi everyone, I've been registered for a while but never posted. I've been on the coldest streak of my life after moving to a new city, and I think it has to do with me as coming off as too-quick to reply because I decided I didn't want to play games. Obviously that failed, so this new girl who seemed interested in me had this back and forth before she just dropped off. In the beginning, I got a few numbers and a few dates, but recently it's been numbers and flakes.

    Here is my profile:


    Is there anything glaringly terrible with it? I know online dating is generally harder for Asians, but I don't think it's just that. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    First off, before im even gunna look at your profile.
    Make sure its iteresting, funny, but NOT serious, make it feel as if you dont take this site too seriously, as if you get pussy as is.
    Include real details but make them funny.
    When you talk to girls do NOT sound needy, personalize everything you say for each girl. NO copy and paste.
    make the girl feel like actually meeting you would be fun and NOT awkward

  3. Not bad...couple comments

    Try to paint better pictures in your introduction. You mention a lot of "facts" but you don't paint a picture. Women like to read into things so describe a little more. The last 2 paragraphs of your self-summary are good. The previous ones I would change.

    Your photos are GOOD so keep them

    What am I doing with my life? "Finance" That's not intriguing in the least. Get rid of that 1 worder and describe what you're doing
    I'm really good at? "Poker" ..not exactly an attractive quality...instead add some fluff or a bit of comedy to this section. You mentioning that you work out constantly or saying that you're expert poker player is just trying to impress profile readers that you have high value.
    The first things people usually notice about me Broad shoulders? That's more boasting and comes across insecure..they can already see that in your profile pic. Try to put in an actual attribute about your personality or something that makes you sound different and interesting...like "my awesome boston attitude ;p" ...not the best but you get the idea
    Six things I could never do without ...not bad but again try to paint a picture
    I spend a lot of time thinking about ....get rid of both of those answers lol they're awful. Come up with something intuitive that shows your personality..thinking about the dark knight or if you're getting dumber as you get older does not make her want you lol
    On a typical friday night I am That's what everyone else says...make yourself different. Again, try to paint a picture...

    Ultimately you need to make yourself different than every other guy on the site. Take some time and read other male profiles...you'll realize that everyone puts the same crap down. When you're messaging her, make your message/subject unique so that she opens the mail. Say something other than "hey whats up" ...Be different...find something in their profile that is interesting and tease them about it in a funny way. Keep the initial mail short and to the point. I always got good responses when I put something at the end of a mail like this

    ps: question of life and death...Chocolate chip or Oatmeal cookies?

    It's simple and funny and I always get a funny response back like "oh definitely oatmeal cookie with a glass of warm milk"

    Or in an initial mail I'll say something like "So I was reading your profile and thought to myself "hey this chick seems pretty cool" but then I saw that you were a clemson fan and realized we could never work out. Still I must say it's impressive that you can "xyz"

    ps: clemson sucks! :P

    or something along those lines

    Hope this helps

  4. Thank you for the detailed and applicable advice. I will be sure to take it to heart and focus on painting a more specific picture of myself.

  5. Too long, not enough humor is my first impression. The tone is too serious/wish-washy/try hard. It makes you come across as a 'nice guy' which is great but doesn't separate you from the pack. Think of it like a sales pitch, where you have 30 seconds of their attention - so make every word count.

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