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    Ok guys all this PUA stuff is working like crazy. The problem now is managing all the women that i am getting. Any suggestions on how to manage them or how much you should tell them about the other women? I like to tell them that im not interested in a relationship right off the bat but initially they are cool with it, but then they start asking questions. They make it seem as if they dont care about the other women but you know deep down that they do. Any ideas?

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    it's good that you're telling them ahead of time what your intentions are. i fucked up and didn't, now i have two hbs on my hands who do not know about other women in my life. i'm fucked, it's causing a lot of stress, and i'm leaning towards telling them what has been going on.
    if i was in your situation i would not talk about other women that you're seeing. they already know that you fucking someone else, so there's no need to rub it in. i do understand that they are initially ok with the situation, but asa they get a little more attached to you they want to become one and only. do not go along with thir wishes or don't pretend that you will. asa you'll do that they will loose their attraction for you. right now it's fueled by jelousy and competition. also, if you change your original position and go against your word they will loose respect for you. only change if you have decided to be exclusive and not because she has been bugging you about it.


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