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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Tom5 View Post
    Sure about that? ... I've been to strip clubs from Vegas to Atlantic city and many of those clubs had females working "after hours"
    Like Smooth0perator said, it may depend on the club and the city. But I would not believe urban myths or press reports about this - it's a very easy thing to say, and feeds on the popular prejudice (as AlanW's post) that there is not much difference between strippers and hookers. I have visited clubs in US and Europe and talked to people in plenty of roles within the industry, and in general I don't think it happens, for plenty of reasons including peer-pressure from the other girls not to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanW View Post
    Strippers give lap dances, private dances, etc. for an erotic experience.
    So is alot of young girl on dance floor. You can get away with MORE touching, (without paying a dim) than stripper

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA Next time You go to the stripclub don't act like a cop headman.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by egonspengler1984 View Post
    Ah, I'm just looking for attention.

    The truth is that I barely have any insights except the fact that alot of them wanted to bang me cause they thought I was a "nice guy", who "wasnt interested in strippers" (I was very businesslike at work, often would barely look up from the DJ booth). So I was unattainable by virtue of being nice rather than bad (interesting twist huh?) I dont dispute that they overwhemingly like "bad boys", though- I will confirm that alot of them had the most truly THUGISH, QUITE OFTEN ACTUALLY CRIMINAL boyfriends, but I did become a project/conquest for alot of them.

    now read the last sentence again, and understand why I didnt have sex with alot of them.

    I did eventually give in to a few, but they were VERY CAREFULLY CHOSEN for maximum QUALITY and SAFETY (im not kidding, alot of these girls are truly DANGEROUS in lifestyle), especially since I knew once I gave in to a few Id lose my "untouchable" reputation (oh, how they talk in that dressing room).

    Just sharing, I hope theres a nugget of insight for someone here. Id be glad to answer a question but again not sure I have much more to say on the matter.
    I agree. I sell costumes in the clubs and my wife is a stripper. We have been together for a long time. My wife doesn't get drunk, smoke or do drugs. She has taken the Strip and Grow Rich classes.

    Just because these girls wear a scrunch butt and 7-8 inch heels in the club doesn't make them desirable in real life. Many of these girls are dancing in the closet,not telling family or even their boyfriend they dance. Many are in their 20's and those are party years. These girls don't see stripping as a business, don't save money, many are uncomfortable dealing with customers on a sexual level, and feel they have to be drinking or on drugs to cope. They don't have any money unless they made it that day/night.

    Many of these dancers look like hell warmed over when they come to work. Flip flops on, no makeup, cheap clothes, nails not done. Do you really want to be with a girl like that? If they have a car, it is trashy inside and dirty. Only about 20-30% of these girls are going to be kept up like the Price is Right models. You want a higher maintenance girl who dresses classy, has her hair and makeup done, wears heels or nice sandals or tennis shoes if she is casual, doesn't smoke, not into drugs or drinking at work, works when she says she is working, doesn't have a loser boyfriend. and has some stability about her. That type of girl if you hit it off with her is less likely to flake on you.

    Some of these girls don't even wash their outfits regularly. They throw their outfits in their backpack or work bag, and can't remember when they washed them last. Some girls buy new thongs from my wife or me because they can't remember when they washed the ones in their bag. They have one pair of stripper shoes instead of 3-4 pairs that they can rotate out to keep them clean. The insoles of that one pair of shoes is black from putting their dirty feet in them after walking barefoot on the floor. They don't clean their shoes weekly like my wife does and have multiple pairs.

    I have hooked up in the past with several strippers for lunch who were a total turnoff in their street clothes. I want a girl who looks like she walked right out of Nordstrom or Bebe, and just left the MAC counter and nail shop with a classy look and the vast majority of these strippers don't keep themselves up like that in real life.

    The 20's are traumatic years for many women let alone dancers. Until their party years are over, the flakiness and irresponsibility can make dealing with dancers a headache if you don't probe them and only deal with those who "seem" to be business oriented, not on drugs, and who don't get drunk at the club.

    Those ditzy dancers who just sit around and have no hustle, even if you can persuade one to see you out of the club can be nothing but drama. They may have fucked up boyfriends, party all the time and drag you into a situation you don't want to be in.

    The older dancers (over 30) who may be divorced and have a child and their own life, or some education may be better to deal with. You don't have to have a LTR to be with them necessarily.

    I have been exposed to so many dancers that caution is really needed when dealing with them.Some of them work for me selling outfits. I can't expect them to be on time submitting paperwork with me like in a regular job. They really need guidance and structure in their lives, and if you find the right girls who take to you, they may let go of the destructive lifestyle and become more stable. Club owners don't provide them any training, and these girls are just "thrown in the club" to deal with conservative and macho acting men who objectify them. These girls have no training in how to deal with that kind of environment.

    I guess what I am saying is to qualify the dancers you are working as much as possible, and be careful no to get tangled up in their web of problems. Some of their addictions and problems won't correct themselves until they grow up. And if you do find one whom has potential, be prepared to provide some structure to their lives whether you are just fuck buddies, or it turns into a LTR.

  5. I gotta say slacker30, I was going to hate on you a bit after reading your other post where you recommended that guys tip extra and then "wean her off the money." That's not the approach I like at all.

    But this post is pretty much gold.

    If you are just looking to have fun with the girl, you don't really need to worry about a lot of this stuff, beyond the personal safety issues (and those do exist). Flakiness? Who cares, just call another girl or do something else. However, a lot of guys do get caught up in trying to build some kind of relationship (even if not exclusive) with strippers they meet, and your post was really good in terms of the types of girls you are dealing with and what to expect.

  6. Hey Smooth Operator. I'm cool. I understand the game on both sides. These same girls who have been gamed come in the dressing room and talk about the guys who are full of shit all the time. They tell the other girls to avoid them.

    What I mean by qualifying a girl is once you identify a few who may be "approachable", find out if they are mentally approachable. I literally would turn down most girls that come around, and then if one stops by whom I find attractive, I see how SHE responds to me, then if the odds seem workable, I will buy 2 dances (one makes you look cheap).That gives me the chance to be discreet in communicating with her. She can't go in the dressing room and say I'm a time waster. If I've had an interesting enough conversation with her, I can follow up later on other visits like Potato mentioned. Then I can move on or move forward with her depending on how things develop.

    I'm black and I find we have an advantage with WOC in strip clubs with Black and Latina dancers, IF a black man is articulate and businesslike, yet fashionably dressed and clean cut, ie attractive. Like Barack Obama or Toure going in a club. Hip hop blacks will get dissed by the more desirable girls.

    A lot of sisters who are articulate, ambitious, and hot, may have a hard time getting a serious boyfriend and are tired of all the games brothers put them through. You look like you are going somewhere in your life and are cool, but not degrading and some of these girls will hook up with you right away or the next meeting.

    I met a decent looking black dancer in Amarillo when I was there on business whom I talked to and bought 2 dances from. One thing led to another and she asked if I could give her a ride. We went back to my motel room, had sex. She stayed with me until checkout time, then had me over to her place. She said she needed that sex it had been a long time. She wanted to ride to Oklahoma City with me to party. Whenever I came to town she was anxious to see me.

    Another GORGEOUS girl I met who had a loser boyfriend, and liked me. We hooked up multiple times, ( this girl was educated and smart)but she was an accomplice in a smash and grab jewelry robbery (she drove the car) and finally the law caught up with her. It was really sad, but these girls get caught up in bad situations and don't want conflict with their loser boyfriends. I bought several dances with her twice and that was all it took. Once I left Amarillo from the other girls apartment, I went to Oklahoma City and met this girl on Wednesday, saw her again on Friday, and we hooked outside the club and in my motel room everytime I was in town until she went down.

    A lot of clubs discriminate in the hiring of WOC and if you can find one that still has white money customers but a larger than average assortment of WOC who are 8's and 9's, you are in a good situation. Again you have to be a good screener, but these girls see you as the prize and will make themselves available whenever you want to see them,as long as you are not dealing with the golddigger variety.

    Some of the jungle fever white girls are more workable IMO if they are over 30. They may play less games yet be open to a casual relationship.

    The girls look at us when we walk in the club. Just like Potato's thread says, attraction is number 1, then if they are attracted to us our personality comes into play, buying 2 dances just makes us not look cheap, just as giving the waitress eye contact and a smile and a little bigger tip makes us seem nice. If we are perceived as attractive, cool, not cheap, but not a pushover, and not like the average customer, now we are 50% there. It's time to try to close the deal. If you are seen as a gamer, no one wants to be gamed.

    This is just my experience in dealing with dancers and from selling outfits in the clubs.

  7. Slacker30, I respect your obvious experience in the stripper world. It is world few if any understand unless they have lived it themselves.

    Still, free your mind. The girl gamed poorly goes back to the dressing room and talks about the guy being full of shit. The girl gamed well goes back to the dressing room and talks about how she has to leave early because her mom was in a car accident, and then goes to meet the guy.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Smooth0perator View Post
    The girl gamed well goes back to the dressing room and talks about how she has to leave early because her mom was in a car accident, and then goes to meet the guy.

    Ha ha. I've seen that happen before. Everyone in the club knows why she is really leaving too.

  9. In this instance, Potato's animal magnetism had to come into play. The girl is EXTREMELY attracted to the guy WHEN she first sees him. Thus she is more open than she normally would be to his conversation, and his personality and attractiveness made her melt.

    Work also was probably slow, and she said fuck it, what have I got to lose. If I don't try and snag this guy now, I might not see him again. She tips out, gets dressed, and out the door she goes.

    I have read some of the threads on the forum and it amazes me how many guys have a girl who is literally wetting her thong for a guy and he still doesn't get her phone number and arrange to hook up. The IOI's are obvious.

    One thread I'll never forget has a dancer from a conservative family background talking to a guy for 2.5 hours without asking for a dance. It turned out they both were from a similar background. She went on stage, another girl came over, he got a dance from her (broke a rule, never mess with another dancer when you have one interested) then when she came back to him 20 minutes later she was upset and left.

    NO girl is going to talk to you for 2.5 hours in a strip club,not try to sell you a dance, and not be extremely interested.

    I'll agree the majority of guys trying to hook up in the club ain't happening. And those same guys, when a girl is OBVIOUSLY falling for them, are frightened to get her number and escalate. I think a lot are frightened to get the girl when she is falling for them. They are afraid of gettting what they say they want.

  10. I know this a real old forum. In the late 90's there was a song perfect for pole dancing. I can't remember the song name but I believe the band had the name "fish" in it. And no it has nothing to do with the hippie band "phish". There were some real cool obscure bands like "lords of Acid" with theirs song "Pussy". Anyone have a list of 90's obscure bands with good stripper songs? No Motley Crue or poison etc. or nickel back. Thx. I realize the is an old forum.

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