The Trials, Tribulations, and Frustrations of the Game (Long Read)
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  1. The Trials, Tribulations, and Frustrations of the Game (Long Read)

    These are my direct thoughts, feelings and everything in-between regarding pickup. Right or wrong, it's what I was feeling at the time.

    I must pre-face this with I have just moved to Austin a few weeks ago , officially have my own digs for about a week. Not in my ideal place right now in life (career, financially,legally, debt,etc), but I'm starting over. Recently had a business fail on me, shut it down. I had so much of my identity in being self employed and not asking for help from people. I have received help from friends and family and it has been a very humbling experience. I have inner-game issues that have nothing to do with game, more on my personal life -- yet both are so intertwined that I feel the ying/yang effect in both. Holla if ya hear me.

    I have had limited success here in Austin, it's a little overwhelming at times and I do get bored of talking about the same bullshit -- honestly. I have no problem approaching, no problem holding the groups attention. I assume attraction due to my physical presence, confidence, and looks. Austin is truly a crazy town, kind of have ADD with women at times. In Dallas there was more of a scarcity here its more of an abundance. Currently I am working on building my social circle, my pipe line for women, and my personal "Strike Team" (great wings).

    Anyway, Field Report Time

    Thursday 8/9/12

    Meet up with Ethan Allan and his pivot (female wingwoman/social proof/friend) , get some drinks, talk a bit of game. And slide into my first 3-set. I always put my wrists (NOT HANDS) on two of the girls shoulders and my go-to opener is "What are you guys celebrating?" I come in high energy. They bite. Solid 8s across the board. Things are going good, I'm running my usual routines (this is a warm up set BTW, first one of the night) . I run the "My best friend and I have been argueing about this all day: what's a sluttier name... Brandi or Brittany?" keeps them engaged , im finding out how do you guys know each other, blah blah blah. It's going good, I'm holding all of their attention, they are pretty into it. I run my "I'm looking for 3 things here in Austin, maybe you can help me out. 1)Honky Tonk -- then I tell them I'm from Fort Worth and I grew up next to a honky tonk , I can country dance...which one of y'all can country dance? 2) Sushi Bar -- I get to see which one of them likes sushi plus some more shit to talk about , keeps them engaged more. Then the final one is the 3) Karoake bar -- tell them stories, show them pics of me with my own props when I Karoake , find out which one of them is adventurous. All in all, it's going good. I've established that I am fun, friendly, social guy. I have not yet selected my target, they are all hot and into me! I find out one of them has a boyfriend, keep banter for a bit. Nothing too flirty or playful. I tell them I am adopting them and making them all my little sisters and I am hiring them as my tour guides. I'll pay them in alcohol and laughs. Group laughs, they like me, as they should. I give my super-secret signal to Ethan Allan and he approaches with his pivot (who wraps her arm around me to give me social proof -- GIRLS DEF NOTICE THIS *ATTRACTION SPIKE*) I isolate my target immediately, EA and his pivot magically engage the other two , I FUCKING LOVE HAVING BAD ASS WINGS!!! I # close, so does EA, and the pivot occupied the girl with the BF. It was a thing of beauty, really.

    In isolation, I keep it flirty and I do not go sexual , I am touching all of the group and I am increasing my touch w/ this girl, but she doesn't touch me. I get her #, text her after we leave the bar .No bite. Next day, I text her my usual opener, No bite.

    We get to another bar, meet up with a few of the local guys. Pretty cool and not too gamey. I do a bad ass wing for EA, dude scooped in w/ 30 seconds on this girl and ended up f-closing the next night. Dude literally spoke to her for 30 seconds. Swear to fucking god. Damn, I wanna get that good. EA does some more sets. So do I. Nothing memorable , a group of older chicks was hanging out and its one of their birthdays. She gets approached by two of her friends and she's like "Damn, you are always picking up younger men" as she eye fucks me. Winning! I leave set, they were kinda busted up close. Hate it when that happens.

    I approach a two set "What are y'all celebrating?" HB 7-- "Thursday Night , you should buy us some shots" Me "I don't even know your favorite color" HB 7 - its purple Me: "Oh well that solves everything. I'll let you two enjoy your night, good luck trying to hustle some shots" and dismissively wave them off. I left Dallas to get away from bitches like this, oh well.

    We hit up Kung Fu Saloon , it's pretty bumping, nothing too much happened except I scared off a set from another local guy and EA's pivot. Weird. No idea what happend. I was even intro'd .

    Night winds down and EA and his pivot literally pull a HB 7 for me. I am literally just standing there, frustrated and wanting to go home. I do put minimal effort but I didn't even want to # close this girl. I do and I'm currently texting her now. It's going decent. Her ex-fiance picked her up from the bar. Yeah, he hit that. More frustration from your boy.

    Had a great conversation with EA and his pivot about my confidence. I thought I had confidence, but not as much as I thought. She straight up told me "You are a good looking dude, you should have zero hesitation going sexual or escalating with women. Women will like it more often then not"

    Fri- had to pick up my best friend/roomie from the airport, flight kept on getting delayed, I could have gone out. Oh well.

    Saturday 8/11/12

    I meet this rich dude on Thursday Night, was supposed to meet up and wing w/ him (kinda douchey but fun as well, besides coudln't hurt to have some new conections) Anyway, long story short I was suposed to meet up with this dude, he blew me off. None of my other wings or even social circle friends were out. oh well, gonna solo sarge.

    Open up my first set at Molotov -- 3 set. HB FATGIRL, HB Mini-Fattie, and HB 7.5 Older Mexican chick in town from San Antonio. Turns out they were there for a going away party, the HB 7.5 was totally into me. I could tell by the way she looked at me. I opened the set with my usual "What are you celebrating?" then did my Sushi/Karoake/Honky Tonk routine. Did the Brittany/Brandi routine. Me: How do you guys know each other HB Mini Fattie "We are all sister" (totally a lie) Me: Bullshit. HB FATGIRL " We are all adopted." I banter with them a bit, nothing too sexual or overly flirty. I did you're the wild one, you're the mother hen, and you are the one who is a dancing fool" I got the dancing fool right, I eject from the set. Nothing when wrong, it was just a warm up set. Looking back, Spanish chick would have been DTF, she had that look and her titties hanging out plus shes in town from SA.

    Tip from Sizzle: I always try to go back in my mind with every set or sets that I felt I could have had more success and do a "What could I have done different" exercise . It really helps with realizing things and how to react/act the next time I'm in a similar instance. Don't worry about coming up with an answer right away-- take your time.

    I go up stairs, and don't open up a set except for some dudes. Pussy shit Sizzle. Pussy shit. You're better than that. I leave Molotov.

    I go next door, still in warm up mode, I get a drink and spot a two set by themselves. I open. They are older, one is heavier but slightly cute. The other is cute but has DEF. seen her better days. I run the celebration opener. I run the sushi/karoake/honky tonk routine. I run the brittany and brandi. I move inbetween them so I can "talk to both of them better" they laugh. I'm leaning on the bar and they are talking to me. I look player...ish. They were old. HB 6 and HB 7. I wanna fuck both of them, or none of them. Package deal. I ask how they know each other... they met through their kids. I don't ask how old they are. They were old.

    I say, let's play the question game. It's really simple. You can't ask me a question I ask you, and I go first. *with a devilish grin* "What's the craziest thing you've done together?" . I set the tone for a threesome, get it in their heads, but I didn't bring it up. Oh so this is the sexualization I've been missing out on. i feel it. It feels good. Damn, they are old. We go back and forth , they show me naughty photos, I show them some. I even got both of them to show me their breasts in the club, on the sly. Like NOBODY saw me do it. Well except for one dude. Damn, they were old.

    I even feel them both up , like hand down shirt and in bra and suggest we go back to my place. They are not down. I keep escalating on the question game, try again, no go. They buy me drinks and straight up tell me "you've spent too much time with us, we're not going home with you" I say thanks for the entertainment, feel them both up, pinch their nipples (at the bar) and get them both to kiss me on the cheek. Damn they were old and I missed out on some hot young pussy. They were supposed to be a warm up set, but I felt I could have got a threesome. I feel a more evolved Frank could have pulled that 3some off.

    I leave, run some more sets in the warehouse district. I can't seem to get past the "social , fun loving, awesome dude vibe". Like, bitches wanna be around me but they are not trying to fuck. I'm trying to fuck.

    Here are some text exchanges , I feel like I'm regressing. I had immediate success the first few months in the game. I was more natural, laid back. Last few years I've had success, don't get me wrong. But not at the rate I anticipated. I feel I could be better. I'm under performing.

    Here is the text exchange from a HB 8.5 "Blue Eyes"I met sarging last week. I met her through a friend who intro'd me to his group. When I re-opened the set later that Night, he was gone, but the group was still friendly. I met her in the 2nd contact. She's hot, and just divorced 2 weeks ago. She "seeing someone". I say "cool". ran solid game, escalation, even went lightly sexual. Kiss on cheek, as she left we hugged and kissed on cheek and both held each other hands as long as possible. It was cute. But cute doesn't get you pussy. Consequently , I'm going on a date with her on Tuesday for sushi. I hope she don't flake -- don't think she will, but the texts have been kinda short. Here is the exchange:

    I felt like I had enough attraction and comfort built, so I didn't want to mess any of that up through text, want to be direct as possible.

    Met her Sat Night, August 4th.

    [1:50 AM August 5th] Sizzle : We need to talk... I think I'm pregnant (about 15 mins after she left the bar -- she also got my # at the bar)
    [1:53 AM August 5th] HB Blue Eyes: It's not mine!!
    [2:01 AM August 5th] Sizzle : Don't make me take you to Maury.
    no answer

    Wait two days
    [1:06 PM August 6th] Sizzle: So I met this kinda sorta cute Austin girl. I got her #, but what should I say?
    Next Day
    [1:31 PM August 7th] Blue Eyes: Hm, tricky, but you? Not sure what to say? I'm surprised, u were such a talker on Sat! How's your week going?
    [5:20 PM August 7th] Sizzle: Well hey there sugar butt. Going very swell, actually. Just landed a job!
    [5:26 PM August 7th] Sizzle : How's yours treating ya?
    Next day (playing the hot girl card, ugh so annoying!)
    [5:22 PM August 8th] Blue Eyes : So where's your new gig at?
    [8:45 PM August 8th] Sizzle: New gig is DT, celebrate with me.
    Next Day
    [7:21 AM August 9th] Blue Eyes: K what are the celebration plans?
    [11:37 AM August 9th] Sizzle: Kona Grill to start tonight, then DT all weekend. I'm working in asushi feast somewhere in between. Room for a sushi buddy and conversation. When are you free?
    [12:55 PM August 9th]Blue Eyes: I could definitely do sushi, Tuesday-ish?
    [2 PM August 9th] Sizzle : I'm free Sunday or Tuesday. Which works better for you?
    Next day
    [7:39 AM August 10th] Blue Eyes: Tuesday?
    [12:58 PM August 10th] Sizzle: I'll be seeing you Tuesday, blue eyes.

    That's the last message between us. I want to send her a ping text just to solidify that we are going out. Anybody have any tips to confirm plans? We don't even have a place lined up.

    My sticking points: I come across as fun guy, but not as a guy who girls want to just straight up fuck. I need to sexualize more , and I want to focus more on SNLs and just building that attraction so high a girl wants to take me home. As much as it hurts to say this, I am not a closer. Ouch.

    I appreciate you reading this and any feedback would be appreciated. See you out in the field, boys!

    It's a pleasure serving with you. *salute*

    This bitch tried to tell me that my dick taste like salt... So I says to her "BITCH you got high blood pressure??? so keep suckin thennnnnn!!!!"

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Phrank View Post
    Anybody have any tips to confirm plans? We don't even have a place lined up.
    Text her: "Hey just a reminder, there's a ____ bros and ____ hoes party tomorrow at (name of restaurant you want to go to), see ya there around (time)" Fill in the two blanks with some callback humor

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