FR: Isla Vista (from may 21st)

This outting happened a bit more than 2 months ago.
It's interesting to compare it to how I am doing now. Figured I'd post it in conjunction with my 2 other FR's from the past two days.
You can check out the two other FR's here:
My friend Dave who is really good has his own place in Isla Vista.
I'm currently in high school and this particular outting was a real
eye opener. I showed up at his place around 9 PM. I drank 2 red
bulls and took a few shots.
We go to this party in his complex with a theme of, "CEOs and Office
Hos". Once we enter the party I think I opened one or two guys, just
saying whatsup, seeing if they are having a good time, and a line
that is money if you want to talk to a guy (helps for winging in
mixed sets also) "hey man, where's all the hot girls?". You can open
with this, it's tight.
After talking to two or three different guys a really fucking cute
shorter girl opens me about my Mystery shirt. "Do you skate for
Mystery?". Looking back at this I should have said yes, at the time
though, being somewhere in between buzzed and drunk did not really
help my calibration skills. I said no, and I really don't know what
happened there. I think I said, "do you skate for them?" in a joking
way. She went to sit on a couch. I decide to plop down on this couch
also. I, again in a drunken stupor say, "hey, I was just talking to
you!" (this kind of shit is super fucking lame, stuff like where do
I know you from, I know you from somewhere). She is like, "Yeah..."
I use black nails for whatever reason and she gets up to talk to her
friends. One of Dave's girl/friends (who helps wing I guess) gets me
a beer and we chat for a bit. The keg runs out, so we head to
another party.
The party is small and there are maybe 2-3 sets max. Dave opens one
of the girls in a 3 set. I come in after about 15 seconds and open
one of the obstacles for Dave. She was wearing glasses so I just
rolled up and said, "Hey let me try on your glasses" - Yeah I know,
lame. So I put them on and my vision becomes more impaired than it
already was so I promptly give them back to her. I think, and I
apologize to Dave for this, I stole the set in like 1 minute or
something. I don't even remember what I did, didn't use any
routines, I told them this story about how I got pulled over by a
cop and he asked me why I was dressed so weird and how I got out of
the ticket by performing magic for him. I then performed the sleight
of hand that Mystery taught at his Attraction Magic seminar. [Side
note: I've been genuinely interested in magic, even before I got
into the game. I was at the magic castle last weekend in LA, I was
half expecting to see Mystery there for some reason ] Dave's
pivot/wing/whatever comes up to me and whispers in my ear, "go
kino". Two of the girls immediately started getting defensive when
this happened, Dave told me later that one of them said, "he is
already talking to us" or something like that. The set is really
fun, I am just vibing back and forth with them, felt very natural.
Dave wants to leave because there are no more sets, I suggest a
bounce to his place to drink but they had to wait for one of their
friends that ran off somewhere. We leave.
This is where the night get's bad for me. I think we are walking to
the next party and me and Dave to some street approaches. In my
defense, day game street (walking, not standing / sitting) is
fucking hard enough as it is. Now couple that with intoxication and
girls who have been approached a lot prior in the night. I botched
up 2 / 3 street approaches. It's funny because I usually get the
attention of one or two of the girls in set and the others walk a
bit past. The friends who kept walking will realize this and stop,
they usually wont walk towards me and will stay in the spot where
they stopped. So none of the sets hook. It was bad, so I'll just
move onto the next part.
At the next party, I open a few sets, I am hooking and we have some
banter going back and forth but I keep hesitating. If you hesitate
in that environment for 1 second girls will have no problem just
walking away without a word. I run into a bunch of people I work
with, that was fun. Talk to some girls, most of the sets run
anywhere from 30 seconds - 5 minutes. It's not that I don't have
anything to run, just I felt very confused as to how to game in this
Dave is a lot more direct / natural than I am. So he usually just
vibes and calibrates the situation and goes from there. This is
where I start to lose focus and get confused. I opened with
something I usually use during daytime and Dave said I shouldn't use
that. So I start to think I can't use indirect (which is what I DO
and KNOW). So I guess I try to go more natural and
contextual. Opening with things like, "You guys are way too drunk to
be out here" - "Why are the girls in IV so little / tall" (based on
their height). I had better success opening with these than I did
with something more indirect like who lies more, or black nails
(especially black nails). But I didn't know where to take it from
there. I was just hella confused.
We leave that party, and head to our last one for the night. It was
some Asian party. I get opened by some girl who says, "will you be
my friend" or something like that. She gives me a hug, I chat her
for a minute or something and I hesitate and she walks off. I talk
to some of the guys, I open three more sets, one of them goes
alright, but doesn't go anywhere.
I get inside and get opened by some girl with, "Hey do you know
where the 756 (not actual number) house is?" I tell her I don't
know. She then gives me this look, I honestly don't know why, like I
am an asshole or something? I didn't get it, she opens me, I
sincerely answer her question and she gives me a bad look. Her
friend comes in, I used some neg in the wrong context it came out
real weird. The friend was being a bitch and I decide that I need to
qualify her because she was hot but being really unattractive, I ask
in a harsh tone, "what do you have going for you besides your
looks". She gets mad, she has devil eyes, I am about to get bitch
slapped until Dave comes in and saves the day.
That pretty much was the last set, it's around 2AM, we get food, I
eat a hamburger with no ketchup. Oh and for whatever weird ass
reason I had approach anxiety all night.
*How should you adjust your game if a girl opens you, what phase
should you be in, should there be things to avoid doing that you
would usually do if you had opened?
*What exactly is plowing,? I think that this term is what would have
allowed me to stay in set longer.
*What can you do if a set is becoming negative, and it's almost an
*Is there a preferable method for gaming drunk girls with high bitch
sheilds at a college party environemt?
*What is the best way to not stall out of set, is it keeping high
energy so the girl wants to keep talking or just plowing?
*The approach is very important on walking street sets, I know that
you need to project, get in there physical way, and not 'follow'
them, be it physically or verbally (saying things like, wait or hold
up if they continue walking). What else should you do on walking
street set approaches?