How should I proceed??
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    How should I proceed??

    I'll get straight to the point.

    Met this girl (Hb8 I would say) in my anthro class. She had just finished presenting her project. I noticed that she kept making eye contact with me while she was presenting so I took that as an advantage and opened with a compliment about her work during our break.
    We started talking about school and mutual interests (the project we were doing requires us to choose an activity, hobby, or interest, and write an analysis about it relating to culture). Things were going great. I introduced myself and she told me her name, I complimented her name because it was very unique - this made her smile and she said thanks.
    We talked about mutual friends, because I knew people that participated in my favorite hobby - skateboarding.
    We then started talking about Europe somehow, and she told me she was leaving to Paris tomorrow for 2 weeks...... (god fucking damn it).
    I mentioned I was born in London England, and I've been to Paris many times - also stating that it's a very beautiful city.

    This is where I feel like I fucked up. We were sitting in different spots, and I was debating on whether or not I should sit next to her now that we've introduced ourselves. I decided not to, seeing as we only talked for about 5 minutes. Did I make a mistake here?

    The rest of the class dragged on, and soon it was over. I was determined to at least say good-bye to her, so on my way out I said "nice meeting you (insert girls name here)"
    She didn't hear me... (maybe because she was texting) so I repeated myself a little louder.
    Again, she didn't hear me (wtf?), so once again I repeated myself. This time, the people around her definitely heard me and called her attention. She looked surprised when she looked up and I swear my nerves just took over as I managed to say this:
    "haha I was just saying bye!"
    "Oh! bye!"

    That's it.
    I walked out feeling like a dumbass.
    I thought to myself.. "whatever dude, it's just a girl. She's cute, but whatever."

    And I thought that was the end of it... until...

    Later on that night, she adds me on Facebook. I don't know why, but I was intrigued. Whatever, not a big deal. She probably just wanted to know the mutual friends we had, right?

    Well, a couple days later, she started following me on Instagram.

    Alright, something is definitely up. If she's adding me on all these social networks, I'm gonna take the guess that she wants to see me again.

    So how should I proceed?

    The 2 weeks are already almost up, and I haven't talked to her once since we met. (I barely go on facebook as it is). Was that a mistake?

    I don't wanna fuck this up lol

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    Wait till she is back in class and reingage her. Nothing to dramatic... The goodbye thing is not a big deal.

    Be confident and assertive when you see her next. Go sit next to her and talk to her. Dont be shy. She obviously thinks you are cute or something since she is giving you IOIs.

    Go for it mate, dont over think. That kills more game than anything.

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    You're totally right, I've been over thinking like crazy!

    It's definitely time to not give a fuck.

    Thanks man, appreciate the reply.

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