Girl is a hard read...please help
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    Girl is a hard read...please help

    Been dating this woman for a bit (4 dates) and it's a little hard to peg her interest level. A little background: First date was fairly standard meet and get to know each other and ended with a kiss close. Second date was dinner and a walk in the park. Plenty of hand holding, making out, etc. Third date she invites me to her place and we cuddle, make out, but she applies the brakes before it goes further. Fourth date we went to a baseball game, but only the good night kiss.

    Every date goes fairly well, it's just what happens in between that has me a little confused. Normally whoever I'm talking to blows up my phone and this one is the complete opposite. I always have to initiate the conversation and she doesn't text much. Could be because she's 30 and not in her 20's or whatever though. Also, I'm the one always looking to make the plans. At the end of the 4th date I suggested we meet up on the weekend to go biking, but she said she had to work Saturday and left it at that. I suppose I limited the options of what we do, but sort of felt that if she was interested she'd offer a different day or different thing to do on a different night. She could be the type that likes to be chased also.

    Anyway, it's just a different type of girl that I'm not used to and am asking if her lack of attention should be taken as a sign or if I'm reading too much into things. Also since she didn't suggest something else to do on the weekend, should I follow up and ask her to do something else or just blow it off and try to hit her up next week.


  2. At some point the effort has to be reciprocated. I'd totally chill on her until she texted you. ZERO CONTACT! All the effort you've put into dates at some point she needs to come to you. You deserve that. She's probably taking you for granted slightly and assuming you'll be there at her beck and call. Totally go away and when she texts or calls you next don't take it and wait exactly one day to reply. Make her value your effort and make her aware that you will walk away. It will boost attraction and get you back on track w her. You're welcome. HH

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