Work collegue.....

Ok, i will try and keep this as short as I can.

We some intern's at work one of which was situated with me and i was to teach her pretty much everything. She also happened to be the hottest of the all!!

She has always gave me IOI's throughout work. This would be through things she would say and if i went to go somewhere she would always come with me. That could possibly be the fact she was new but it didnt feel like that. Anyway.....

Fast forward to our Xmas night out, we are all getting drunk and everyone is wondering what is going on between us, she is very excitable around me and is quite touchy feely. We get more drunk, leave the group and me her and one other guy collegue (who is cool) go to a club. All good in there. Me and her decide to go outside for fresh air. We are talking and she was quite close to me. I go for a kiss, she holds it for a second or 2 and pulls away and is like, haven't you got a girlfriend and dosent want to go any further. I do have a g/f and i know its dickish of me but i had a few to drink and it felt like she was throwing herself at me. Talk about mixed signals.

After this happened we were still cool and continued the night, nothing has ever been awkward even back at work etc. She is exactly the same.

Fast forward 5 months

I then get a new job within the same company and leave her behind. We go on another work night out just a week ago, she is there and we are chatting and getting on very well the whole night. I leave to go meet my friends, she leaves 5 mins after me and everyone is like wtf did she just leave to go meet him. Anyway before we both left she asked me if i wanted to go to this restaurant with her the following week. I went and it was like a proper date but was good fun and we both had a good time.

I cant figure out if she actually likes me or she is just super friendly. The thing is i think i am very good at meeting girls when im out and can easy turn it into a date and more but for some reason this situation is the other way around and i have no idea how to react to it.

Anyone want to offer any input or thoughts.

One more thing, she conveniantly left her cardigan on my desk at work the friday before we went out and asked if id keep it for her. I dropped it into her house on my way to the gym. She invited me in, none of her flatemates were there but i feel at a loss by the fact the knocked me back before. Normally i would just move on but i cant really get away from her.