Women's daygame

Women in DAYGAME

I want to share some ideas and strategies of how a women could enhance her chances to find her ideal mate specifically using PUA daygame principles for the purposes of dating.


I overheard an experienced female relationship expert talking to another lady. She was telling the young lady, know what you really want, be very clear, be the kind of person that attracts the guy you want and all that b.s. right.

I thought, yeah, thats fine. I KNOW WHAT SHE REALLY WANTS THOUGH.

She wants to meet and date the guy, and she can work out the details later, right? When the expert left I said to her, I can help you get any guy you want (within reason)

My background is as an intermediate level daygame PUA with a view toward the dating aspect. I wonder if I can take these principles, and tweak them to fit a woman. Not turn her into an easy night for a guy, none of that, but give a woman the power that she already has in selection and kick that flippin annoying story of 'where have all the good guys gone' out of the park once and for all.

I googled it......It was virtually non existant. There was some lose reference to doing the same stuff, but toning it right down to indirect, and making a girl easy for a guy to approach.

F that. I know the few times when a women came up to me how easy it was to give my number out and feel impressed by her bold approach. Why limit this to a womans perspective of flirting, hold the gaze and smile routine, and play hard to get.

How would you create effective strategy for a women. Yes, she agreed for me to show her, it's in 2 weeks, now I got to have a free coffee and discuss what I'd like to do with her. Proximity is power, and day time is the field. I am an intermediate and show and do it in reverse, and that's all I got.

Let me know your ideas please, only really really good ones to help a woman select any man she want in the day within reason. I'd rate her as 7, and the kick here is, she's a fit African who only dates white guys, 33 a stockbroker and looked 23 to me. She has something to work with......but even if it weren't that, what would you advise.


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Here's my idea

Proof read before posting.

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I personally think it's pretty similar to what a guy has to do during the day. However, if a girl wants a guy to approach her, I think she needs to find someway to communicate her interest.

Here's what I think:

* Find an excuse to talk to a man. Learn some few easy ice breakers like - asking for directions, the time, male opinion, etc Girls can also revert to the "I need help with something" approach. If she has the balls, she could approach a guy directly but I doubt many women would take this path.

* Subtly express your interest to him through eye contact, smiling and positioning yourself near him.

* Position yourself in areas where she's more likely to find the men she likes. For example, if you were after lawyers, you would want to position yourself near William Street or Queens street.

* Look your hottest - dress well, tasteful make-up and ensure your body language projects you in the right way.

* Flirt, flirt, flirt!!!
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Hey mate,

I advise women as well up here in Sydney.

YES women can approach men, but most don't want to do it the same way men do. Most women don't want to be the sexual aggressor. Some are fine with it, some aren't. One thing you don't want to downplay is the intrinsic difference between feminine needs vs masculine needs. You sound like you are tempted to get women to pick up like a man.

While that would work really well for both sexes in theory, women wont' enjoy it on any level, and will always be left feeling like it's a cheap option.

Jbomb has the right idea here. For starters most women lack the confidence to communicate interest. It's so funny in Australia vs Brazil. If I'm at a bar and there is a cute girl next to me, if i turn to look at her, she's looking the other direction, totally uninterested. If i then turn away and start ordering, then she looks at me. If I see girls checking out one of my students, it is always just after he has passed her so he can't catch her. You don't get that in Brazil, if a women likes you, she will give you a couple of non-desperate cues to approach. Likewise, if she doesn't like you, she doesn't create dumb excuses or give out fake numbers, she just said 'no, I'm not interested' and moves on. Simple.

Women can approach men, but it needs to be within context.

There is a HUGE need for male to female advice in game , but you have to do it right.

Also be sure you have your shit together before you face a room full of women. They will either gang up on you or become your new best friends. But being a guy teaching dating, they will screen the shit out of you when given teh opportunity. And good for them, if only more guys were so discerning before believing a pickup 'expert'

I remember my first women's seminar... a room of 40 women, all being completely unresponsive initially, making my job doubly difficult.. What the hell is this? I thought to myself. 30 minutes into it, they all switched gears and became really friendly. I didn't even pick it initially and just put it down to a 'crowd style' issue, but my partner pointed out that the women were shit testing me to see if I could really back up what I was saying wtih confidence regardless of how disinterested they were. Very curious.

One other thing... Women are hell bent on manipulation. I asked the room 'who feels like they have manipulated a man into a relationship he really didn't want to get into', then about 37 of the 45 women raised their hands. Then I asked 'and who feels like that was a bad idea since it tricked a man into doing something he didn't want to do in the first place' - 3 women raised their hands. Manipulation is surprisingly still the accepted norm amongst women in their 30s who want a man in their lives.
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* Subtly express your interest to him through eye contact, smiling and positioning yourself near him.

* Position yourself in areas where she's more likely to find the men she likes. For example, if you were after lawyers, you would want to position yourself near William Street or Queens street.

* Look your hottest - dress well, tasteful make-up and ensure your body language projects you in the right way.

* Flirt, flirt, flirt!!!

lol, they sound like 4 steps to becoming a top gold digger good tips though hehe

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I agree totally with everyone else on this. It isn't as easy or fun for women to go direct. Most women really do want a man to at least appear to make the first move. I've noticed that there are a larger number of guys that cannot even hold eye contact with women. It is really sad that even when a women is putting herself out there, most men will still struggle to approach or even ask for a number etc.

That part about manipulation is crazy Dante! I believe you too. I have seen a fair bit of it going on. That just makes it even more fun to teach women how to pickup. Good luck with your first client POD.

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Hi all, thanks for your posts and advice. There is probably more in this thread than the rest of the internet combined on daygame approaches for women. I don't consider 'flirting' advice for women to be even the same game as trying to approach and date a man of interest. It's seduction.

I think the only thing I got from the rest of the net so far was some old material by a very relevant and skilled Daygame coach, Soul. I love some of his stuff btw. Anyway, apparently as I read, there was a female on that old show the Pickup Artist with Mystery. On it, so it was written, Soul was one of the coach assistants. He was saying alot of similar themes to what you guys said. Jbomb said as much, basically, you have to take a woman and make the advance a more indirect opener the majority of times. Put herself in a position for a guy to 're initiate' through her initial indirect approach.


I have personally seen and experienced direct approaches from women. I know this for a fact. A woman "Committed" to communicating with a man in a daytime field ONLY needs to have the guts to approach, or learn how to approach.

You got it right Damien, I think the true power of Direct daygame is just that. The attention snap and ego stroke, just like you'd encourage a man to do. Only, she doesn't have to be as committed to direct openers in light of her role being the woman. So in this sense, it's actually easier to 'help' a woman to begin practising approaching guys, as indirect openers are the easiest to begin practising with right?

I'll give two examples recently of the power of direct and it's implications for a committed woman determined to meet her prince. I was standing against the wall in a mall, and a woman completely full fronted me 'excuse me.' All she wanted was a sincere direction. But you know, in that split moment I got the feel how powerful it is. Happened twice that week. I've had a woman compliment me and crack on to me. Huge ego stroke. I've even seen my ex gf use direct compliments as part of her charm and watched in awe. It works, because it's human.

I totally agree though.........it has to be tweaked and catered to the typical women's role and needs first.
What you reckon? In daygame for men, if possible we want to go direct, and indirect openers would really be dependent on situation. That would be the man's blueprint. But in daygame for women, perhaps the strategy might be to use the indirect approach primarily, and if the women has the brass, yeah by all means, show her how to go direct on a moving or stationary target.

So much easier to teach indirect as well. She feels instant value getting easy conversation practice in toward the coffee suggestion, and it seemingly plays all the cards right. She still feels like a woman and gives the man a chance to initiate or escalate interest after shes already 'indirectly' initiated.

Alot of lines she could use, but I still prefer coffee lines. Excuse me, do you know the way to XYZ coffee shop? After an immediate transition, and some convo attraction building within 60 seconds she goes direct again. "Maybe you and I can grab a coffee etc. OKAY is going to be the Majority response from a red blooded males within reason don't you agree?

It will never have the attention Snap of direct openers on a moving target, nor the flattery and ego stroke of the direct physical compliment however. It's versatility is also LOW, as you cant open unless the target is rather wide open and/or somewhat slow moving or stationary.

Eg. (Excuse me, I just saw you there and wanted to see what you were like etc etc, Sort of Indirect........I prefer more direct if given the chance and environment congruent interms of environment. Excuse me, I just saw you there and thought you looked nice, and wanted to say hello.....Hi I'm........)

I really believe if we can.................if she wants a greater chance to get ANY MAN, we want a woman to be direct, because that has more power, and also more chances to open through it's versatility. We all know most women will not be committed to it though. And that's good, as it won't rob a man of a man's place to have his own niche in game. However, if she want to invest more, she can do it. Seems to be consensus indirect IS THE WAY TO GO for Female Daygame.

Interms of night game, she need do no more than flirt like all the tired women's mag articles write about. Seriously, these writers who are female have no flipping idea how fearful some men can be about not finding what they believe to be a suitable match into their 30s when it's perhaps time to get more serious. I even had a female date coach tell me, ' what, men get fearful of being alone in their 30s?' I said what, you didn't know? That's how much power they have. Daygame for me is all about setting up dates, and occasionally you may have an instant date etc. So it's perfect for enhancing communication skills for both men and women to create enhanced dating opportunities.

If we could convince a woman to do what we say, for her own good, yep based on realistic levels of attraction, she could at least have a very high chance of at least getting the chance to date any man she likes within reason in a daytime open set.

All your advice has been great. Loved your site Damien btw.

Cheers, PrinceofDirect

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J you're like an expert on this shit! Write a book or something.
One other thing... Women are hell bent on manipulation. I asked the room 'who feels like they have manipulated a man into a relationship he really didn't want to get into', then about 37 of the 45 women raised their hands. Then I asked 'and who feels like that was a bad idea since it tricked a man into doing something he didn't want to do in the first place' - 3 women raised their hands. Manipulation is surprisingly still the accepted norm amongst women in their 30s who want a man in their lives.

Damo, that is SOOOO interesting. Thanks for sharing. So what is it that you usually do for your female clients then? I know that when I was actively coaching a lot of women asked me whether I coach women too and I always said my expertise is with men. I guess the demand for coaching women came from the actual "surface" for you per se but how did you get the initial information to help them? Were you coaching some for free and seeing what worked? I'm legitimately interested in this since I find so many dating advice for women is extremely contrived and as you so eloquently put it extremely manipulative (e.g. "The Rules").

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Hey man,

Well, originally I had the idea and the plan. I knew generally what theory women needed to hear. e.g. Men suffer not being able to find women, women suffer not being able to find the right men.

I also knew that key to helping women was first and foremost building their self-confidence, and heping them to feel strong and in control. I already make this a big focus for the men I work with, even more so than dating advice per se.

I had a basic idea that I needed to advise women in a different way to men. Women rely on encouragement rather than challenge, they rely much more heavily on the 'group of friends' than men do. So I could leverage much more heavily off of a group of women motivating her, then one guy 'me' challenging her to take action.

So I had a basic plan which I then took to a small number (3) women who I trust to be connected to their feminine cores and who aren't stuck in the status quo ego rut, and sat down with them to discuss the program. Low and behold, despite my best intentions, it was still very much 'dude' centric in the coaching style. So I revised it a couple of times again.

Then I started with what I had. Since there is nothing else out there, I knew what I had would do a lot of good. It's amazing, the general man is actually quite on the up and up when it comes to the ideal way for a man to behave, and the concept of right and wrong. Women are a LOT less clear on this, something which surprised me.

I think a man can advise a woman much better than a woman. Not because he knows how men thinks (we all know the counter argument to women coaching men falls woefully short in practice most of the time), but because women respond very differently when I put a woman in front of them talking, to when I'm in front of them talking. I see that women struggle to allow another woman to be an expert a lot more than a man. I don't think that's sexism in play so much as some very basic female competition urge kicking in.. I'd love to study some of the aspects of assisting women in game with a team of researchers, there are so many interesting facets that I feel deserve university grade research and publishing.

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Hi all, thanks for your replies and information shared. I want to say, on this very thread we've got the best info on this niche on the net going atm. Tell you how untapped and undeveloped this niche is.

I took this response from a contributor on a U.S. forum to the same idea posted.

His response Below

While generically what you saying is true, it is still different for them. There is good reason why girl often takes no leading position, because she tries to sell her purity to be viewed as relationship material. So if lets say being bold for guy is good think, girl will be viewed as slut, simply because AFC guys (and it is 90% of non community guys) cannot handle sexually open and free female, and will find it easier to label her as slut than deal with own insecurities. So purity is very important.

Another note is that she just cannot go on day game and act like guy (being bold and leading) because it is a masculine qualities and they are not attractive to man, not to mention guys do not get approached and if girl would come and say she think he is cute he will just freeze out and his brain will shut down lol, remember very few man can handle emotional pressure (unlike women).

For a girl I would go with more indirect route and more slow places (like parks), where she can approach guy ask for some directions, and than if he seems in friendly mood try to continue conversation, let him get to know her, and than she can even offer her number. Remember she is a girl, so she doesn't need routines or anything, if guy is attracted to her than her just talking about random things and allowing him to lead will still do the trick.

Also being indirect will naturally suit better the more feminine and passive nature of female.

Just my 2c of course.

Hi, I've actually got this thread going in another forum in Australia, and there a several pua coaches chipping in. I'm from AUS and love Jeremy Soul's work on Daygame, and this is the site that promotes Soul. Do you know much about Soul's work on the show the Pickup Artists if he was assisting, as there was a female pick up artist on the show I read.

The consensus is Indirect is the way to go. And what you said, a woman role still staying in still staying a woman. Then I challenge you all. I have had women go direct on me both in the day and at night. In the day is just as powerful. My experience of it, she has a lot of power. If we press the boundaries to enhance a system that is not only good in theory, but very effective, I dare say the ability to integrate a woman's ability to go direct if she needs to and wants to, (it's her choice) can potentially see her power and effectiveness increase.

I totally agree with everything said, the niche is indirect focussed, yet if we can integrate the method and KNOW and UNDERSTAND how and when to enhance a womens edge within reason, or at least significantly increase her dating chances of all those guys of interest who walked by in the street, we've got a powerful new method for women's daygame don't you think.

It will always be an indirect opener oriented theme as the foundation though I'm learning. I can say this though, when a woman has come up to me in the day, I was flattered and even say if taken off guard, this is something most men may like, or at least some. They can readjust and then play the situation for how they find it, and I found it very refreshing and flattering as a man.


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A Must Watch!

A woman picking up guys. Comments on technique, aside from she's obviously attractive.
En tjej flirtar med killar på stan och får flera telefonnummer - SocialFrihet.se - YouTube

This was an excellent infield demonstration. Loved it. I picked up the apprehensive body language of the men, but after the first second or two, it was like so......and she kept talking and charming them. ALSO, because some the other guys were with a friend, it probably made it easier for her to open a guy not alone or he may look like not a man to his friend lol. Lastly, she can come and ask for my number, as she was very attractive

I Love how it shows the women can clearly do the side stop and not freak the guy out. here is a one thing though, she did it where the target was moving rather slowly, which is probably the way to go for a woman if she did need to resort to a side stop, ie slight tap on the arm on a target who has moved past. I think a front stop on a fast target would seem too Masculine and weird for a women.

Great video. Those were direct stops which worked quite well on slow moving targets coming from behind. Slow moving being the key thing here. What do you think about this indirect opener for a target for a woman walking toward a slow moving or stationery target. "Excuse me, can you help me with something?" So obviously most people will stop innocently to see how they can help. "Is there a good coffee shop around here that isn't Starbucks?" Change request for different situation.

Cheers POD

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Flirting - See this girl get phone number

Text Below: Translated from Swedish

Selects girls partner?
In humans it is generally true that women choose men and not vice versa. The interesting point here is that women usually only choose between the men who present themselves to her.
This is interesting enough to take again. This means that women in today's society often only select one of the guys who actually dare to take the first step is to contact them. All others have they, as women themselves rarely make the first move, never any opportunity to meet. No wonder that you often hear girls say that they just meet the wrong guys.
In our eyes it is not fair and equal until it's normal for a girl to make the first move and start flirting. Therefore, we took with us our recent friend Rodya into town one day to see how it could look like if a girl follows her will, and talk or flirt with those she feels.
When we started dating study we started to understand how much is actually all about eye contact. It shocked us how much can be said with just the eyes, and it scares us how much we must have missed earlier in our lives.
But you girls must forgive us guys. Often, we make no when you flirt and invite to conversation with his eyes. In the eyes language mistakes guys and girls each other constantly. If a guy looks away, for example, so many girls interpret it as indifference, but it is often far from the truth.
The truth about us men (our theory)
We have noticed that most young men have a tendency to confusing behavior when it comes to looks and eye contact, although we did this before and it certainly happens is still unconscious. Very few men dare to maintain eye contact with someone they do not know but are interested. This results in many men have developed a behavior to conceal this uncertainty.
Following, we have seen happen so very many times: A girl checking out a guy to start flirting and show interest. He meets her go because he is interested and curious. He checks then removed, usually up to a good and a little judgmental facial expressions to conceal that he actually looks away because he did not dare to keep eye contact. Afterwards, he dare not go back and talk to her. The girl thinks she has been rejected. Then he says to his mates: "damn I regret that I did not talk to that girl" That has happened to ourselves many times.
So girls:
If there is someone you are interested, do not let the hefty mien and broken eye contact stop you. Go ahead and flirt anyway. And do not be surprised if he now when you get there immediately start smiling. He looked away probably because he was nervous of your eye! Truth is like saying that a lot of guys have trouble maintaining eye contact with girls (people) they do not know.
Remember! Life is too short to wait for interesting people to come to you! Start flirting!
Introducing Rodya

Because this was the first time I did something like this, I was obviously a little nervous. Every time it seemed easier and I became more confident when I would get in touch and flirt. Believe it or not it was actually a lot of guys incredibly shy and difficult to talk to. You could not believe because they looked so confident out. Why make things complicated? Do you think someone looks interesting just keep going! This is my tip.

Rodya is a good example of someone who just needs a little push to do what she really wants in life. To walk up to someone and flirt like this is something she never did before but with the National Freedom in the back she dared, and she sees someone who interests her in the future, we are confident that she will follow his will!
While we made the presentation with Rodya we happened to get to the audio recording when she told a story about when she was in Stockholm. It made us realize that women actually feel just like us guys, we see


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I actually had a girl approach me on a tram on Friday. I was on my way home from newbie's night and she was sitting across from me. We made eye contact and smiled at each other, I looked away thinking that was the end of the interaction, but then she came over and sat next to me!

“So… you going home for the night?” She asked.

We started chatting and she was a really awesome girl! I didn’t ask for her number (I wish she was a bit better looking), but before we parted I made sure I told her…

“Coming over to talk to me took a lot of courage, trust me I know. You have no idea how impressed I am!”

Such an awesome girl, it was really inspiring.

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I think it's not that 'uncommon' for an outward or independent minded girl to be honest. Remember high school where a confident girl would have no qualms about going up to a guy she liked if she was somewhat confident in herself amongst her peer group?

The only thing that changed was after high school those shyer girls started to feel empowered by a false sense of confidence not being held to a captive environment amongst young adults. They would go out and suddenly get hit on by older men suddenly creating a new 'environmental identity,' and thus learning how to say no and manipulate a situation in accordance with these new powers of influence.

Lets not mistake this, it is a power of influence given easy, of which is why you will typically get girls of average or okay appearance like a 6 or 7 acting like 8's and 9's...

Regardless of any of that, women have been socially open through all age brackets, and it is truly appealing and empowering for both men to experience and women to be able to act on.


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Typical women's strategy:

Employing a strategy of Coy Flirtation isn’t the best move in today’s dating and mating environment. While it’s not a guarantee (see above), being direct is the most effective way of showing interest in a man. Promiscuous women are generally quite practiced at this, but women preferring a more traditional approach to sex and relationships may be sending signals too weak to pick up.

Based on societal changes in women’s roles and changes in women’s attitudes toward dating behavior women were expected to be likely to approach men. Additionally, based on prior research examining women’s role in flirting, a significant effect for type of opening line was hypothesized. Opening lines that directly indicate an interest in dating were expected to be perceived as most effective and most direct by both men and women.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree: What’s the best way for a woman to show interest in a man?

Be direct:
The present research implemented three studies in order to ascertain whether or not women are likely to approach a man to initiate/signal romantic interest and to determine which opening lines used by women are perceived as most effective, and most direct by men and women. Based on societal changes in women’s roles and changes in women’s attitudes toward dating behavior women were expected to be likely to approach men. Additionally, based on prior research examining women’s role in flirting, a significant effect for type of opening line was hypothesized. Opening lines that directly indicate an interest in dating were expected to be perceived as most effective and most direct by both men and women. The results were consistent with the hypotheses. Women were indeed likely to approach men and opening lines that directly signal interest were perceived as most effective and most direct by both sexes. However, men rated receiving a phone number from a woman as more effective than women did.