I need some help on sticking points...

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    I need some help on sticking points...

    Number close sticking point...

    Stripper (whom I've met before at this club) and female friend are standing outside of the club as I walk up. Stripper is an 8 and in street clothes. Her female friend is a target 10 and is in street clothes. Both are hanging there off-shift.

    They're smoking a j outside of the club in the wide open without hiding it and I make a comment: "Wow, business is that bad that you gotta smoke to make it through the boredom of the night."

    The 8 answers: "I know you smoke, you're too fun to not! Come hit it with us."

    Me: No but thanks... I've got something else in me now (didn't tell her it was a strong urge to not smoke).

    The target 10: Come smoke with us we're bored.

    Me to the 8: "Is she always like this? We're going to put you over there in the corner, strap a hat on her and give her crayons" (A la Mystery Method).

    The target 10: Body language like she's acting like a retard.

    Me to the both of them: I'll be inside when you're done. (Roll off).

    I enter the club and 3 second rule open a 3 male - 1 new stripper set. I use classic MM to neg the target, overcome the obstacles, and isolate the stripper. This girl is an 10 but has no conversation skills because she doesn't speak more than 10 words of english, she's russian. I've found that foreign girls don't respond well to MM and I plan to use her as social proof for when the other girls come back in from outside.

    5 minutes into isolation with the russian 10 stripper the 8 and 10 come in from outside and sit on the other side of me. The 8 sits right next to me, the original 10 sits next to her.

    Now I'm laying back on the bar body rocking with the russian 10 on the left of me, the 8 to the right of me, and the target 10 to the right of her.

    We're linear... my thought process is to change the positional dynamics of this to get the target 10 on my right next to me.

    I use Mystery's "stripper program" routine on the Russian 10 and midway into it the 8 realizes what I'm doing. I can feel the girls on my right slipping away so I lock the 8 in by holding her hand and refocusing the conversation on social dynamics of "evolutionary psychology" and how it relates to "stripper game."

    The 8 becomes very interested in this and the 10 starts to realize this and interject into the conversation. I neg her hard 3 times (again a la MM). I can tell that I crossed the line with it because I see the target neg loosing interest.

    I made a mistake... I said, "Oh no... you're one of those girls... you're gonna cry because you're not getting attention!" I thought it would be a good neg in theory but it came off too self-righteous and way too alpha-male.

    Target 10 gets pissed and walks off for a second...

    But for some crazy reason... I don't know why... she returns shortly thereafter. I ask the 8's permission to spend some time with the target 10 because I've been making a little too fun of her and I didn't want her to think I was an asshole. The 8 actually turns around and grabs her to tell her "this guy is actually pretty cool... he's not bad."

    Some older guy in his 50's comes up to the target 10 and starts AMOG'ing but he leads with his money with is his mistake.

    I give the target 10 a look like "this guy's a douche" (a la Tyler Durden). I lean in and whisper in her ear... take this guy's money and then turn your back to him, I'll get him to buy you a drink.

    I notion to the guy to buy her a drink. The guy does just that next and she never talks to him again because I run a modified MM spells/hypnosis/esp routine and she's wiccan. Jackpot!

    Now I have her with me leaning back on the bar, my knee up and her crotch close enough to keep rubbing on my knee.

    I use some VERY BASIC NLP (I'm still a novice at NLP) to see if I can perform some basic hypnosis thread on the girl... this is my first time venturing down this road but I think to myself, she's a wiccan (predisposed to believing this stuff) and she's high... A retard could probably run a basic hypnosis/mentalism routine on her and she'd believe it.

    The 8 interrupts and I refocus on removing her as an obstacle just by some innocent repositioning of the 10 so her crotch isn't sitting on my knee. Lovedrop does this great... classic body rocking.

    The russian 10 gets approached by a guy for a dance and leaves the set.

    A3 Composite Hypnosis/mentalism/spells routine (a composite of MM, Strauss, Ross):

    To the 8: "Do you believe in spells?"
    The 8: "Baby I've been doing this shit way too long to believe in spells."

    The target 10: "I believe in spells! I have 2 spell books that I study intently at home."

    Compliance Test the 10: "Grab a straw from the bar and put it in your wine glass."

    She complies...

    To the 8: "Geez you have no imagination or creativity... I'm done with you." (I start negging the 8 in front of the 10 now).

    To the 10: "Come closer" Light Kino escalation by grabbing her hand and positioning her so her crotch is again touching my knee.

    The 8 becomes occupied talking to the bartender.

    Energy routine to the target 10: "Being a wiccan you understand that energy comes from the ground upward...love energy is very powerful... do you agree?"

    The target 10: yes.

    Continue the routine: "Where is your love energy focused? Here (hand on upper belly)? or Here (fingers on temples)?"

    The target 10: "here" (she points to her temples)

    Me: "Well then you are very rare... most people say the belly because it's where butterflies in your stomach come from." (I re-touch her upper belly)

    The target 10: "You're right... I actually feel it there now"

    Me: "Yes I can tell... would you like to see how your energy can move objects?"

    The target 10:"I do believe energy can move objects. I've had experiences when I was a child where I've felt it."

    Me: "Close your eyes."

    The target 10: complies

    Me: "Take a deep breathe"

    The target 10: complies again...

    Me: "Take another deep breathe but this time fill your lungs all the way from your belly up to your chest."

    The target 10: complies again... (i'm now stacking compliance - more on my theory about that later).

    Me: "I want you to feel that love... those whispy butterflies fluttery in your belly" as I touch her upper belly.

    The target 10: looks like she's in a trance.

    Me: "Tell me what they feel like." (compliance verification and stacking)

    The target 10: "I don't know."

    Me: "Think about it... describe it... is it warm? cold? gentle? firm?"

    The target 10: "Warm, like a gentle summer breeze." (compliance verification)

    Me (compliance stacking): "Take another deep breathe and as you breathe in I want you to feel those butterflies making their way from your upper belly to your chest."

    The target 10: I see her nodding her head slightly.

    Me: "Now feel it up at the top of your lungs then transfer it up to your shoulders, through your neck and into your temples."

    Me: "Can you feel it centered in your temples now?"

    The target 10: "Yes" (her eyes are still closed and she still looks like she's in a trance).

    Me: "Now... from your temples... you can direct that energy anywhere in your body... I want you to direct it back down your shoulders and into your arm that is holding your drink." (Light Kino escalation to move her hand with the glass out in front of her).

    Now open your eyes and focus that energy in your fingers... from your fingers, transfer that energy into the glass.

    The target 10: complies

    Me: "Focus that energy on your wine... and make it come up through the wine like little bubbles. Feel that energy become real and make it happen now." (I pull the MM straw levitation trick).

    Her: Holy shit what the fuck just happened?

    Bartender and a guy across the bar see this and gasp.

    She awakes from her trance as I turn away...

    The target 10: Grabbing my shoulder from behind "How did you do that? Did you just put a hypnosis spell on me? That was amazing. I've never felt that. Teach me how to do this!"

    C1: Dark corner of the club on a couch.
    I start teaching her the importance of engery, aspirations, attitude, etc (MM)... great convo...

    She tells me about how she used to walk up to random people when she was young and hugging them... starts qualifying herself.

    I use a kino escalation to explain appropriate touching and I work my way from a handshake to a basic hug... to a whole body hug... to a kiss on the cheek... to her biting me on my neck... to me biting her on her neck... to making out.

    We're now about 30 minutes into communication...

    Target 10: Your touch and kiss is amazing... and you hypnotized me. (Major IOI's)

    Me: Photo routine of my baby neiece for grounding. Kino escalating the whole time. We're now cuddling close on a couch, my arm around her and legs intertwined.

    Her: I want to know more about you... I want to see you again.

    Me: "Write down your phone number on my arm." (I hand her a sharpie)

    Her: "I can't... I'm with someone."

    Me: "Tell him I'm gay."

    Her: "I'm bisexual, my fantasy is to convert a gay guy. But I can't give you my number."

    Me: FREEZE OUT- I start checking my email on my iphone. (mystery method)

    Her: "Are you mad at me?"

    Me: "No, I just respect when a woman says no." (Neil Strauss)

    Her: "Well I have to go too. At least give me a hug."

    Me: "No, you give me a hug."

    Her: She gives me a hug and we part ways without a number close...

    Where did I go wrong to not get a number close on this???? Please, constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks guys.

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    Might be an idea to adapt the routeins more to yourself, saw a few copy and pastes in there. Those routines have been used alot, especially on Strippers....

    You had the HB8 thinking you were a cool guy then ended up upsetting her if I read that right ? That's a mistake in my opinion I probably would have gone for the 8.

    Regarding the 10.....she's a stripper.....she was probably gaming you to try get a dance. Just because you read a routine in a book that worked for someone doesn't mean it will work for you.

  3. You are asking for criticism. I think you did very well. That approach would probably work on normal chicks but strippers are different.

    The hypnosis. That worked in your favor as giving you slighty scary and intriguing edge. But its also too creepy. Strippers are hyperconcerned with stalkers, rapists, etc. There was a wow factor that intrugued her but she wasn't going outside the club with a guy that could put her under a hypnotic spell. In her mind thats along the line of guys that put stuff in her drink. You need something slightly scary and intruguing but not as creepy.

    On the phone number thing. Where you messed up was saying "tell him I'm gay." If a stripper is going to bang you she doesn't want her boyfriend or hubby to even know you exist. You were a potential loose cannon that could cause problems with her relationship. Something more of "your boyfriend or husband won't even know I exist. I never kiss and tell, it would be our little secret." Those are the seeds you want to plant.

    You have to get more alpha spikes in your routine. You need to bust her chops more. Strippers like alpha guys. A lot less of the aspirations stuff. The energy woo woo stuff is great. Strippers are suckers for that kind of stuff. But she has to know you are a man.

    The kino was perfect. Kudos.

  4. I had one more thought on this. I think you have an almost impossible creepiness hole to dig out of with this chick. BUT, there is one possible way out. She gave you the clue. "I'm bisexual." She might get with you if there was another stripper with her to make sure you didn't hypnotize her.

    And some of her resistance was due to showing her the picture and stuff like that. Thats too boyfriendish. Strippers want you for just one thing and that is sex. She thinks you might be confused over that. You don't build comfort with strippers you build trust. Trust that you are not a stalker or rapist and that you are totally discrete that no one will ever find out about your liason unless she says something and knowing that you are not going to fall in love with her and act like some love struck ass. Those are the components of the comfort phase with strippers.

    Let her pick the other chick. And give her freedom to make the arrangements.

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    Thanks for the constructive criticism so far guys...

    What is your inspiration for new material? I hate doing canned routines but sometimes I freeze up still. I use canned material as my crutch sometimes and I want to get out of that routine. Stripper game is still very new to me and for some reason strippers make me more nervous than other types of girls.

    Would you recommend any movies that I can watch to emulate the alpha-male characteristics that strippers love so much?

    As for the creepy thing... I agree that the hypnosis thing can really come off that way... I loved the gasp/reaction that I got from other people in the club though... do you have any other recommendations of routines that could help me get this reaction without the "creepy vibe"?

    Do you think that if I cut out the hypnosis and just went straight to magic it would have been as effective? I did get to make out with the off-duty 10 stripper in a strip club... which was cool...

    I felt like she was REALLY into me because of the IOI's, makeout session, and kino feedback I was getting but then I hit a brick wall. Was wondering if there was a specific point that caused the breakdown.

    Another thing... I don't typically like to re-visit the same strip club more than once in a month... for this reason I have 3 strip clubs that I keep on rotation. Do you think that helps or hinders my future comfort building with this girl... in other words, would you go back to build comfort with her again soon? Or should I take the no-number close as a sign that she's not interested?

  6. Nothing wrong with your routines. You got to the kiss. And she said you were a great kisser. Thats very important because it indicates her reptilian brain had judged your genes compatible for mating. You did spectacularly.

    Yes magic or even an energy routine that gives her butterflies but not hypnotize her would definitely work. You may not even have intended to hypnotize her but that sank you.

    The problem is that you are not demonstrating to her that you understand what the interaction is about. Its about her banging you to satisfy her urge and nothing more. She needs to know that you know this. That you will keep it secret and not fall for her. Thats why she said she wants to know more about you. You see her mind was running calculations. Thats why she brought up the "bi" thing. She was thinking "how can I bang this guy" and thinking if she got another stripper to go along she would be safe.

    I'd go back soon because she gets so many guys. I would bring in the threesome possibility when you are kinoing her. You are seducing her. Planting thoughts for her to fantasize about. Strippers are busy and you want it lingering on her mind and she may find the time and way to make it happen.

    She wants to have sex with you, of that I am sure. But she needs to know that sex will be safe and contained and you haven't convinced her of that yet. Its more of your mindset that is concerning her. That you don't understand its just about secret sex.

    The Interview Series contains an alpha male module which is probably the best of the whole series. You can purchase and download it. You just want to be slightly alpha. Not gorilla alpha.

  7. Creepy? Are you guys serious? She made out with him on the clock which by the way isn't great for business with other clients. He wasn't creepy, she obviously loved it.

    Sounds like she just honestly didn't want to cheat and fuck another guy and risk losing her man.

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    I usually just go out and wing it when it comes to new material. I do like a few NLP things so I'm reading more into that.

    Just to clarify the HB8 and HB 10 were working that night ? Out of curiosity.....the HB 8 .....have you had dances from her in the past ? Did you pay/tip well ?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by warrior504th View Post
    Creepy? Are you guys serious? She made out with him on the clock which by the way isn't great for business with other clients. He wasn't creepy, she obviously loved it.

    Sounds like she just honestly didn't want to cheat and fuck another guy and risk losing her man.
    My apologies in advance if I make a long post in response. No disrespect intended. Its just that I have been researching this lately.

    First and foremost, almost every stripper in the club is married or has a boyfriend or girlfriend they are living with. A recent poll on Stripperweb revealed that over 50% of the strippers were married. My last two were married. Its complete reverse of a normal club where most of the girls are single. So if you are looking for that one in a million single stripper college student you are going to be looking a long time. So if you are going to bed strippers you are of necessity going to be involved in cheating in almost every case.

    Second, every stripper has the desire to cheat. This is not something they have control over, but its a biological programmed in urge that occurs with women when they are not getting pregnant. She may use toys to satisfy that urge or she may have lesbian sex with other strippers (one of mine was doing this I guess because its not real cheating in her mind).

    Now if they try and keep that urge bottled up they will most likely sabotage their relationship and blow it up. So its kind of a safety valve. I know one guy that got a whole night of intense banging from a stripper after she blew up her relationship with her boyfriend. All that bottled up desire came out. They may have even worked out an open relationship with their husband with rules, like they can have sex with women and not men or one had a rule that they could not have oral but could have intercourse with other men.

    Now the creepiness factor. Strippers are super paranoid about stalkers. They are a prime target for rapists and serial killers. Most of them have been stalked by a customer at least once. One of mine had a guy cut them off driving home and forced them to stop their car. Even cabbies are suspect. Allegedly one company hires ex-cons and one stripper woke up in an abandoned apartment with "raped" carved into her stomach. So please understand that any thing creepy or off is going to blow your chances. For all this girl knows he might hypnotize her and she wakes up chained to a chair. At some point they begin to trust you. They may even say "I ... trust ... you." It took while for my last one to get to that point but when she did everything was much easier.

    OP has great game. But club game has to be modified in a strip club. You don't want to write her number on your arm for everyone in the club to see it. Other strippers might know her BF. You have to be the guy that doesn't exist. The one that doesn't count. If you say "tell him I'm gay" that sets alarm bells off in her mind. She doesn't want to tell HIM anything. She doesn't want HIM to know you exist. Women can keep secrets. Thats part of the fun of it. The sneaking around. And you better demonstrate that you can keep secrets too.

    As crazy as it sounds I would play the threesome card and try and get her to have the other stripper come over and kino them both then very covertly exchange numbers and ping her with sexual texts occasionally. Sometimes what they won't do at one time they will do during that seven day window when they ovulating once a month and they are super horny.

  10. Oh and one final note. If it works out for you, then you might be a able to get a friend laid as well. Rember her fantasy of converting a gay guy. Thats HER fantasy and if you can make that happen she will very much like it. Just have him to pretend he's gay and let her "convert" him. You'll want to do this just when the sex with her starts to become slightly boring as it will eventually due to biology.

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