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  1. using pof effectively

    Somebody here did a thread about using an autoclicker on the meet me section of pof, however is pretty ineffective for one it sends an email notification somebody wants to meet them to their email address (which few people check anyway) and doesnt take into account last time logged on, or distance. Plus it doesnt work too well if your not good looking.

    Here I have a superior way.

    1. make sure when using pof your at home for a good amount time with nothing to do.

    2. set up your phone so it sends you an email notification should somebody message you on pof.

    3. on your pof account for your main picture have something quirky (I myself am holding a puppy lol)

    4. from your pc or laptop use an autoclicker (mines is timed to every 2 seconds) get it to constantly click on your "inbox" below you will see 8 thumbnail pics of women who recently checked their email. Your objective is to constantly show up there which you will using this method.

    5. because you will get an email notification somebody has messaged you on your phone you will be able to reply to messages straightaway on your pc/laptop, which is good because you leave it too long your messge exchanges are more likely to go nowhere.

    I do all of the above with great success.

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    Nice idea, this could actually be in operated into the imacro script (auto meet me clicker) pretty easily to use both tactics in one.

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    I will try this out in London (where I don't live).

    I don't think your main picture needs to be quirky but it damn well needs to stand out from the other thumbnails.

    You are nearly right when you say that no-one checks their email to see if someone wants to meet them. The downside with the other method is that women who get the least meet requests are the ones who will take your email the most seriously.

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    Can you log on and off in the macro loop and thus appear at the top of the search list AND the eight pictures at the top of girls' inboxes?

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    I would imagine you can with a little bit of tweaking but I'm not sure if POF will lock your IP out as a spammer/IMer for relighting x times in x minutes.

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