Getting back into the game - looking for a heavy drinking wingman

I moved to Chicago a little over a year ago from Montreal, and I've spent most of that time establishing myself at work. Now that I have more than enough work and not much to do on weekends, I'm looking to get "back into the game". I actually was fairly active (albeit younger and dumber) on this site several years ago, but I haven't really touched it in a long time. I figure I should stop casually browsing the forums and actively get involved again.

Anyway, I'm 24, a good-looking guy, socially normally, and since I don't remember a word of the literature, I won't be that awkward wing hanging at the bar waiting to try out some memorized routine on a girl. If you know what you're doing, I'll follow your lead, and if neither of us know what we're doing, I figure we can just get shitfaced and pick up women the old-fashioned way.