Alcoholic girlfriend and sex issues
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  1. Alcoholic girlfriend and sex issues

    Hi guys. Not sure if this has been posted already, so my apologies. Gonna get right to it.
    My girlfriend seems to have a drinking problem. She drinks when i'm not around and once she does, she tends to say things that are not so nice. She accuses me of liking and talking to other women, she talks to her ex and supposedly got a phone call from an ex asking for sex. I've been slipping up and showing lots of affection and trying to avoid argument. when she does get bitter, i don't lose control and try to talk her down (savoy-style) then turn it into something humorous. We've been together for a few months and other than that, we have a great relationship. She does have insecurity issues about her looks, other girls, etc. but they enhance when she is drunk. I normally treat it as shit tests and things seem to work out in the end but they come unexpectedly and throw me of balance. As far as sex is concerned....she cums too fast and i take long to get hard. See my dilema? I'm also worried that one day she may get drunk and cheat. Her drunk and ex asking to fuck bothers me. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

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    You wanting to keep her long term ? Personally i would Get rid......4 billion other girls on the planet.

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    Alcohol dissolves a chick's morals, and you're entering a world of pain for so many other reasons.

    Stick with chicks who have their act together.

    I've made the mistake of dating a drunk -- she was charming and made friends in two seconds. She was also a drama queen and not very good in the sack.

    I wish I had never gotten involved with her.
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    I don't get why dudes will put up with stuff like this....

    She has issues that she obviously needs to work out. You don't need to be her counselor, move on and find a more stable chick!

  5. I personally avoid drunk girls and party girls for any type of serious relationship, it doesn't usually end well. If they are low self esteem and show signs of jealousy, alcohol and drug abuse then I'll leave them for someone else to deal with as it doesn't usually get better!

    I have been in ltr before which I wish I had finished when I first started not being happy.

  6. I've not tried to be her counselor. In fact, i haven't said anything because this is something i found out recently. She is cool otherwise though a bit insecure. Her drinking comes usually when i'm not around and it's usually over the phone and through email. She told me that she enjoyed that i was positive and influenced her to be also. I'm very close to telling her that it's becoming a problem. I understand that it may get worse. Sorry guys, but my inner game is rusty. Could use the help.

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    Tell her it has become a problem and your willing to help her sort it out if she's willing, if she isn't willing leave.

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    Cut and run man.

    My sister has serious alcohol problems, it is a crutch for deep seated emotional problems which will never get healed as long as she has the booze to blame everything on.

    The few good guys (not AFC's or players) she has attracted in her life eventually threw down the quit booze ultimatum and it ended badly for her.

    Even I can't get her to lift her game, I've long since given up on being nice about it, whenever I see her I just hammer the crap out of her drinking problem.

    In order to generate leverage in her last relationship in a vain effort to stave off attempts at getting her off the booze she fell pregnant. Now there is a messy custody battle.

    No good can come from a girl hooked on booze.

    Once upon a time my Sister was a 10, it was free booze all the way, now at a little over 30y/o she would be hard pressed to be viewed as a 6 on any mans scale.

    I feel sorry for her and can't imagine any way she can get her life back on track without giving up the booze first.

    In my opinion it's not even worth trying to talk an alcoholic out of drinking so much, an alcoholic is generally an expert at telling people what they want to hear. An alcoholic is just a very painful time sink of which you have no control.

    While alcoholics do sometimes get a handle on it, it is always on their terms, you may have to endure 30 years of crap before they finally decide it's time.

  9. Believe me when we say. Leave her. A drunk girlfriend fucked me up. I tried hard to help her quit booze, and I succeeded. However, I focused so much attention on her that I sacrificed my own direction and my life has taken somewhat of a slump. What did I get out of it? Absolutely nothing and my life is in shambles.

    I can GUARANTEE you the cheating WILL come, especially if she's insecure. Don't stay for the sop stories either, Because once she drinks again it's like huh boyfriend? What boyfriend?

  10. Double post!
    If it already bothers you when you're not around it, then you definitely dont wanna stick around to see it. It's worse than you can ever imagine

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