Nick Hoss Private Day Game Workshop, July 2012
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  1. Nick Hoss Private Day Game Workshop, July 2012

    Nick came out to help a friend and me this past week. For this 2 on 1, we focused almost exclusively on day game. We spent 2.5 days together, going out twice for in field practice. This experience has been a huge stepping stone for my goals in pick up.

    The first day, we discussed theory. The biggest topic was a good “formula” (my word, not Nick’s) for day game interactions. This included the opener, transition, and was followed with attraction/qualification/comfort conversation. This formula leads to fairly normal interactions with the target. Also, even if you fail miserably, the worst thing that can happen is the woman thanks you and walks away.

    The second day, we did some field work. Here is where Nick really shines. He understands how to encourage/push his students to get them to succeed. I definitely needed a push once in a while and he got me through it. It was great having him here and being able to rely on his experience when I needed help. He also sees things in the interactions that really help improve my game on an individual level. After field work, we did a bit more theory and discussed the day’s events.

    The final day, we did more field work. Nick gave great tweaks and general advice that helped me get further in my set than I had on the second day. It was also here that I learned Nick’s formula literally works on all women, as he picked up a black MILF in front of her 16ish year old daughter.

    These are really skills that will transform your life if you embrace them. I am working to fully integrate them into my life as I write this review. If I need more help for pick up in the future, I hope that Nick will be able to be my teacher.

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    Nick came out for a two and half day private workshop for me and a buddy. The focus of the lessons was on day gaming and trying to apply pickup to every day life. Nick was a great teacher like all Love System instructors and the session was totally worthy it, but a few things stand out with Nick.

    First, Nick focuses on a much more natural approach to game. His specialty is on helping you establish a genuine connection with the girl though conversation based qualification and comfort. He spent a lot of time working on conversation mapping and mastery topics. The emphasis was great for me, because my sticking point is on qualification. Furthermore, good conversation is great for all social situations, rather than just the bar.

    Second, Nick is a big fan of direct game because he has built a solid inner game. His position is "I'm a cool guy, you are a pretty girl, let's see if this works out", so why not just go up to a girl and start conversation. As someone who spent a year after bootcamp focusing on self-improvement, this is a much more natural state of mind than indirect openers.

    Third, Nick is friendly and relate-able. He is honest in what he thinks, and answered a lot of questions I had about game that came up since my bootcamp. Since bootcamp, I care less about how to get a particular girl and more about how to build an enjoyable and attractive life. Being able to hang with Nick and interact him assured me that I'm on the right track. The last couple days spent working with him has been great.

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