Vol. 79 Getting Out of the Friend Zone (Future & Savoy) - WITH TRANSCRIPT


The best solution for getting out of the friend zone is to not fall into the friend zone in the first place, and if you correctly follow the Triad Model, you won't. However, if you recently met a girl who you failed to build strong enough attraction with, or have been "best friends" with a girl for 5 years who you have repressed sexual feelings for, this interview is for you. Join master instructors Future and Savoy as they give you the best possible tips to handle being "friend zoned"- a difficult (but very common) situation.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

• What is "the friend zone"?
• How do you avoid falling into the friend zone?
• What are some indicators that you've fallen into the friend zone?
• What are the best ways to get out of the friend zone?
• Is it easier to get out of the friend zone if you've been there for a shorter time?
• Is there a way to overcome her not being physically attracted to you?
• What is an "orbiter"?
• Are there any benefits to having female friends?

Quotes From The Interview

"I find that when a girl says "let's just be friends," it's actually a sign that you're not yet in any kind of friend zone"

"The longer she's known you in one context, the longer you need to go away, and the more different you have to be when you come back"
Nick Savoy

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