How do I get more hookups?

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  1. How do I get more hookups?

    I'm ashamed to say it but, I'm inexperienced in this department. I'm not a virgin about the girls I've had sex with were sluts and would fuck anyone, so I never really had to spit game per se. Now, I'm a college sophomore and I'm almost 19 and I'd like to hook up a lot. Does anyone have any tips?

    Idk if all this matters but I'll say ti anyway,

    I'm a little of 6 feet tall

    A decent number of ppl say I'm good looking

    I am a mesomorph

    Im black

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    Shameless plug because Nick is such a cool guy and his product is solid gold...

    Add Magic Bullets to your library, read it, do it, then start reeling them in.

  3. How many girls have you invited out or to do something recently?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cman View Post
    How many girls have you invited out or to do something recently?
    One bro. I texted her " we should hang out soon" and she never replied. She'd always say how good looking she thinks I am too lol. I didn't stress the fact that she flaked. I deleted her number and forgot about her.

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    I recommend getting this book called "Conquer Your Campus" it really helps with college game! It's helped me a whole lot.

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