Girl started losing interest the moment I showed a bit of interest in her
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  1. Girl started losing interest the moment I showed a bit of interest in her

    Classic right?

    Well the thing is, this girl has been extremely interested in me for the longest and the moment I show a small amount of interest back it seemed to disappear. I know for a FACT she wants to date me, shouldnt my interest in dating her not make her interest fade away? After all, its what she ultimately wanted from me.

    How do I get this interest back? Ignore her? Im always a challenge, I make her laugh, she talks about kissing me, etc.

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    There's not a lot of information to go on, but...

    You said she talks about kissing you. Perhaps you haven't progressed things physically enough and she's got bored?

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    When she talked about kissing you, you should have kissed her, failing to do so might have gave her the impression your not interested.

    What type of stuff did she used to say about kissing you ? I will try think up a bit of recovery text game for you.

  4. My guess: if she talks about kissing you and you talked about "going out" with her she thinks you move too slow, are weak, are a loser, more or less. In other words, you turned out to be LESS than what she was imagining you as being. Oh well, live and learn.

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