The Time is NOW! "Mastery is Worth It, It really is."
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    The Time is NOW! "Mastery is Worth It, It really is."


    The time is now to master the game. I am looking for wings to sarge with or willing just to learn and review/practice game with in Fort Collins, CO. It is a great target rich environment here. I am 22 years old and a student that can't wait to finish. No more excuses, act NOW. There are many rewards that come from this skill that apply everywhere in life. Not to mention the amazing experiences that come with it. Lets make it happen shall we. This WILL be fun. Cheers.


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    Switch, are you still active in the game? I was in Ft. Collins last night, looking to meet some like minded guys, I have sarged with some of the best...let's make it happen!

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    Switch - Sounds great, we should catch up. I'd be happy to wingman, this is unbelievably fun when done right. I want that fun back. FC is a great town, lots of promise. Not sure if my PM is getting through, I'm a new member.

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