Flirtzoned, Friendzoned and now she wants me?
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    Flirtzoned, Friendzoned and now she wants me?

    Hi guys, this is my first post here and i appreciate all the information i have gotten from this forum so far but now it's time to get personal :P

    As i'm not a native English speaker, i'm sorry for any mistakes i made

    So, it all started 2 years ago, when i went to university. I was a total beta then. I met a girl there, who wasn't actually my type at first, she would soon change that. We started talking A LOT via IM and in school. She would mostly start the conversations. She told me how she likes me and she even sees dreams about me. Once, at a party, when i was dancing with an other girl she came and pulled me away from the dance floor 'cause she thought "i shouldn't be dancing with other girls". She even asked me to to a ball. Seemed like she is really into me (at that time). We were hanging out so much, that everybody we knew thought we were dating or smth, but we weren't. Why? Because SHE HAD A FUCKING BOYFRIEND!

    Okay, seems like i was friendzoned (although, she mentioned she was seriously considering breaking up with her boyfriend, but that was probably just a load of BS, whatever..).

    So, months went by, we managed to stop talking and start talking again for several times, it was always the same. We flirted a lot and would eventually reach the place where we both said that we like each other so much, but she didn't do anything to dump her boyfriend. So i told her to get the fuck out. (this scenario would happen 3-4 times at least)

    When 1 year had passed, she broke up with her boyfriend (at the time, we weren't talking). Oh, yeah, i should mention, that when i say we weren't talking, i meani wasn't talking to her, we weren't in a fight or anything. Okay, so anyway, some days after she broke up with her boyfriend, she message me something like this: "Hey, you know.. I'm free and ready to go now I broke up with my boyfriend". I was shocked.

    At that time, i was hitting it off with another girl, and as i was angry about all she had done to me, so i told him no, and started a relationship with that other girl. That relationship didn't last long.

    1 and a quarter years had passed. I told her i broke up with my girlfriend. She basically told me, she was happy about it (lol). We went out, it was weird. She was staring to have doubts, she told me that. I was like, wtf? She even started to ignore me in fb and msn. I talked to him like a total bitch-beta ("Why are you ignoring me", "Why don't you like me anymore?"). Geezy, no wonder she didn't want me anymore.

    Week or two passed, she agreed to come at my place. We talked and drank wine. She wanted to see a movie that i had. SHE suggested we watch it on my bed. Fine by me. We ended up making out. (wasn't expecting that). Fucking was really really close, but i was a pussy and she was confused(if i had any game back then, it would have been "Easy" level for sure). She went home. Once again, i acted like a little bitch, whining about everything. I gave her an ultimatum: Either she wants me as her boyfriend or not. She said she didn't.

    I ignored her till 2-3 weeks from now. We started talking again (i think she started the first conversation, but i started the next or smth). I asked out for a game of pool (it was not a date). She came. We have been flirting, but every time it is getting hotter, i act cold. I could see that she wants me to compliment her and say that i want her. I told him (as a joke) how i was like a bottle of wine, getting better every day, she replied, that she would like to try that wine, maybe even at the next party. We went out for a lunch(it was not a date). I told him in IM, that our friendship is over (as a part of a long joke), she replied "lovers from now on?" Day later, i asked her to come over to my place (it was 11 pm, and i wasn't really at my place, i just wanted to know, if she would come) She said OK. I said, i was just kidding. She asked me to come to her place two weeks form now, i said, i couldn't come (because i couldn't).

    So, the thing here is, that although it seems like she wants me(does she?), she have done this before and nothing happened then. Is she playing me once more? Does she just want me to want her? (because for the past two weeks i been neg'ing her like crazy)

    Girl i like has flirted with and then friendzoned me several times. Right now she is making me comments like she would like to have sex with me.

    What are your thoughts on the whole thing?
    What does she wants from me?
    How should i play this? (reminding that i really like her)

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    She was going to go over your place late at night. So what does that mean to you? Read up on some lmr techniques and have at it. This time don't verbalize bf/gf stuff.

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    Thanks for answering. So, when girl (let's say you know her for a long time) agrees to come to your place late at night, does that usually mean she is open for sex that night, if the guy plays it cool? I mean like, what else can she think we are going to do at my place?

    Also, how can i get her to come at my place once more? should i just ask few days from now? Or should i wait for her to contact me about hanging out together? If there is one thing i know about that girl, it's that the minute she understands, that i want her too much my game is over

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    simple fuckk her

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon20 View Post
    Thanks for answering. So, when girl (let's say you know her for a long time) agrees to come to your place late at night, does that usually mean she is open for sex that night, if the guy plays it cool? I mean like, what else can she think we are going to do at my place?
    YES! If not, you're doing something wrong!
    Bang her!!

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