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  1. age shit test

    she goes "You're nearly half my age. Come back in a few years"
    I put my age 12 on facebook but im not

    whats a good line to say to this?
    obviously c+f but Im not as creative with words yet

  2. I don't know how serious you're taking her response but there a few that came to my mind:

    "I'll wait a sec for you to get over this whole age thing."
    "You're definitely going to hell for talking to me."
    "I could but by then you'll probably have gross feet, stretch marks and crooked teeth"

  3. Wait a year and message her! Change your age to your real one there is enough concerns for speaking to strangers online

  4. How old are you really?

    Over Facebook I wouldn't say that, but in person I like to sarcastically comment that I have way more going for me than them, basically. I phrase it nicer and jokingly though.

    Another good one is... "How old was the last guy you dated? (Older) Oh yeah, how'd that one go for you?"

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    Why say 12? That's sort of creepy considering that younger folks are on FB. Granted, she can just check out your profile if your settings aren't private, but what hot chick will do that?

    Don't waste time. Also, if you do keep going with that angle then you will have to figure out material, routines, and whatnot with regards to your fake age, otherwise what's the point if you can't come back to scrutiny?

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