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    okay so i acted like ass to her cuz of the advice i got to ignore her cuz she was ignoring me she said we needed to talk i said about what she said about us i go what about us she said nothing i said were gonna talk about nothing i go alright peace so this was on a wednesday so i waited till today to text her how are you no response what should i do next i really care for her should i tell her how i really feel should i try callin her wait more

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    If you only texted her today, it cant be that long ago.

    Dont flip you - Just relax and stay in control of your emotions. There is nothing that kills attraction quicker, than a half thought out confession of love after she doesnt feed your ego for a few hours.

    She might be busy, she is probably doing shit other than sitting by her phone waint for you to text.

    Also a link to the previous thread about this would help give better advice/feedback.

    Try using grammar and paragraphs in your threads/posts... Makes it a lot easier to follow whats going on.

    Honestly though, you just need to chill out, keep yourself a little busy, and not worry about the fact she hasent written back for a few hours.

  3. well bro you commented on my other threads and i appreciate it but i know i shouldnt freak out but i just really miss her and im deeply in love with her

  4. That's fine if you miss her and are "deeply in love with her." Just remember 2 things:

    1) Don't tell her that you miss her.
    2) Don't tell her that you're deeply in love with her.

    Instead, let her come to you. You've already texted her, so the onus is on her to respond.

  5. well i got wasted last night and did tell her i lover at 5 she messaged me now saying she wanted to apologize and for disappearing and i deserve a girl to stick by my side

  6. well i think i turned around

  7. well she said im sorry for diapperaing and she tends to run when things get hard and i said i understand i do the same thing she said thank you for understainding i told her i know your scared of being in realitonship but u wanted me in the beginning and give us a chance she said im glad you understand its weakness of mine i said i know you been hurt but im not your ex at first i was scared i was gonan hurt you she said im scared of you hurting me and me hurting you i said lets take it one day at time she said bare with me i go ok im not tryna pressue you or anything then she put a smiley face so i got off and didnt know what else to put back cpl hours later i put smiley face


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