Want to turn friend into "lover"
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    Want to turn friend into "lover"

    Hey guys, so heres the story. A few years ago i had a thing with this girl. I didn't have the confidence at the time so i ended up in the friend zone. (I was also somewhat of a rebound at the time, which i didn't know until a few months after) Well i saw her this weekend that just passed, and turns out she broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years 2 weeks ago. I saw her at the club, which is where i made a move (we just kissed no big deal). She wants to hangout with me tomorrow and were going to go swimming in her pool.

    This time we hangout, i don't want to be some rebound and end up in the friend zone again, but i want to let her know that i see her as more than a friend while not coming across as being too easy. Any tips?

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    Pool = Good

    You are already half naked. Kino is also very easy in a pool, Play with her, throw her around in the pool, splash etc - Tease her, escalate Kino... Shower together after the pool.

    If you are showering inside, just walk in, and grab her hand and take her in with you (you dont have to be naked, so leave you bathing suit on at the start). Then start kissing her etc in the shower, as you will be in very close proximity because of the shower head.

    She is DTF - If she just broke up with her BF, you have already sealed, and she is inviting you over to play in her pool, then I think you are Flinn mate.

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