Be a part of the movement... to pick up an HB9!

While waiting at the platform for a 3 hour coach bus ride, I was opened by an HB9. She's tall, blonde, and has a great smile, so I was taken aback, but recovered and went into some basic fluff right away. Occasionally I pushed, but most of the conversation was pull (me smiling, validating her, etc). Once on the bus, I sat down (I went before her to set up an IOI-opportunity for her to sit beside me), and she did.

Rest of the way we fluff about career, school, and travel experiences. It was hard to disqualify, so I mostly tried to hook attraction with DHV stories (travelling, house parties, etc). Somewhere in there, she mentioned that she has an on and off boyfriend, and since he's picking her up at our destination I figured they're "on" at the moment, but I teased her a bit about that, and moved onto other topics.

After getting off the bus, she asked "So do you want to grab my number for later?", since I seeded in conversation about the possibility of hitting up a bar with friends when I'm in town.

1. How much attraction do I have right now, and how do I leverage what I have?
2. How do I escalate this opportunity, making her forget her boyfriend and turn her into a FWB? (what are the next steps?)