2 Years 730 Days
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  1. 2 Years 730 Days

    Hello Everyone My name is Joe From Buffalo to make this a long story short my buddy let me listen to the game about a year ago, stuff opened my eyes I have always been the shy type BUT.... im about to change that I want these next 2 years to be unreal... so im going on a 2 year mission putting my best foot forward and finding my wife. I plan on opening a girl a day and if something comes up where I cant like Christmas well then the day after 2 lucky ladies get opened. So far Im a head of pace. Would like from the board as much feedback as I can have

    Last Monday was my birthday and im up to 9. the first 5 were weak but tonight I did some ground work I felt cool calm and collective

    App 6 Girl had a BF

    App 7 Girl Told me to come back when she was working???? NOT sure if I really should??

    App 8 Girl was feeling me big time then im like you got a BF she was like no then pointed to her ring

    App 9 I wasnt gonna go up to her but i was like why not she will be practice, she was very nice got a Number CLose.

    its funny every girl I went up to was crazy nervous cause I came right out and said are you nervous i guess hot girls dont get approached.

    anyways this whole life thing is not a dress rehersal.... i dont plan on just settling like most people do best feet are forward I know what I want and what will make these nest 50 years happy my other half.

  2. Yesterday night

    app 10 hb 9 told her she was cuteshe had a bf

    app 11 hb 9 also said she was cute after some small fluff bf


    app 12 hb 8 pulled the dip and followed her for a bit till i caught up with her bf

    app 13 hb 8 girl was creeping on me hard so i went up to her told me single and to come back and see her

    app 14 hb 8 girl at target was 19 to young.

    Need some serious input guys...

    1) am i going to direct with the your cute opener line??

    2) when there is a 2 set during the day how do i work that??

    3) should i try to crush the bf relay message??

  3. Last Thursday Met my wing at the mall, he head nodded to a blonde on her kindle i set across from her opened her up app 15 number closed turned out to flake

    Friday night hit up a lawn fete girl came up to me and said i thought i knew you, i said well get to know me she is a hb 9 all the way. i was very forceful telling her i wasnt leaving her until i got her number app 16 number close and alot of textng.... i then approached a set got a second number 10 minutes later hb 7 from my app17

    Saturday night went to club opened a set but they were lame app 17.... im having trouble at night game tough for me

    Sunday went to car show with old man saw this hb 9 wow she was hot went direct bf card app 18

    Monday Grochery Store bf card app 19

    Tuesday Moms birthday

    Tonight nothing out there.... but i did manage to talk to a girl that works at my store for a good 15 she asked for my name and i said i would be back.... tommrow im gonna be out with my fangs dripping, gonna try some new stuff maybe some false time,,,, stacking..... wish me luck but we all know this is not luck it takes ballz

  4. thursday Hit up a concert girl was undressing me went up and said why didnt you talk to me, then she creeped me on facebook app 21

    Friday night i parked my azz with 2 chicks one was porn star all the way got a day 2 tommrow night app 22


    First girl i saw bf card app 23

    2 set on was undressing me other was made lame called me rude i think she was prude app 24

    2 set asked them to sit at a table same with above.. i dont know how to bomb decifer and get rid of gay friend app 25

    2 set total blowout app 26

    Sunday nadda

    Yesterday hit up the mall

    Got out of the car warm up 27 bf and kid card glad i dodged that 357 magnum

    Older Milf tight body ran after her bf card app28

    Girl walking in number close hot gymnist app 29

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    Just saw this. Good stuff man. Trust me in a year you will be shocked at how much better you are. Reach out if you need any help.

    Gl and keep the journal up.

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