Need a Reopener?
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  1. Need a Reopener?

    Been a while since I made a thread for help!

    After meeting a girl from site Saturday night, she went home, I went onto a party. Gave it a day and text her Monday at noon:

    - Hope you've fully recovered! Was nice seeing you Sat. When are you free again? x

    - hey, loving the sunshine! was really nice meeting you! I am planning a holiday shortly so not too sure when that is going to be. how was your weekend?

    - Weekend was amazing party'd till 5 after I saw you! Sun has burnt me already! Bet you're picking up a tan. Holiday> You get better get down the gym! Remember those brilliant leg exercises?

    (No Response)

    Probably a weak text, but did kinda feel like she was blowing me off with an excuse "going to busy", but "how are you?"
    My mind is telling she#s 'wavering' a bit.

    - Her going away kind of has thrown me off on how to reopen?
    - How long would you wait in this situation!
    - A few days I think will just fail, perhaps give a week or so?

    My thoughts: Build up attraction, humour, random spontaneous texts, "hey I need your opinion quickly"
    Always good to here advise?

  2. Don't do this shit by text. Make a phone call or make plans. Face time is where the magic happens. Biggest longest mistake I made was trying to game by text. Now I only plan.

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  3. So call her Thursday evening?

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    i dont know..i would try to reopen before just randomly calling her...

    ahh the good ol no response thing....i guess i deserve it since ive done it to other girls..

  5. Thanks for the responses. Any other ideas? What would you do in this situation?

  6. Update:

    - hey missy, i need a partner in crime for Fridays awesome party, I penciled you in ,you better be ready to party rock x

    - forgot to mention I got to see how they dance in Romania ) x
    (double text)

    - ) romanian dace, huh? sorry for the late reply really busy at work. Thanks for the invite, sounds pretty good, but with this weather I was thinking of going brighton... how are you?

    - Hip shaking folk dancing I hear ) I'm great. Lots of gays in brighton. Watch out girls gonna chase you!! I think you should make your holiday Italy, as food is tasy and snowboarding!!

    - [] borading in winter. Love italian.. but this time is going to be less exciting..will go home for 2 weeks next month, can't wait

    - I'm off to Ibiza in Sept. more exciting..beach and very wild [] I need some quick advise..ready? Chocolate cake or apple crumble!

    - apple crumble, less guilt.

    left it there, someone called me I was on phone for a half hour, it's was coming up to midnight.

    Since she's about to go on holiday, I can't really ask her out, which is making this awkward?


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