Savoy's Bootcamp Preparation Advice

Savoy was kind enough to spend 30 minutes helping me prepare for my bootcamp via the chat feature on this site. He wanted me to write up a post containing the knowledge he gave me. Here goes to the best of my ability:

Bring a pen and paper and be prepared to take a ton of notes.
Come with a list of sticking points, questions, and current issues youíre having. Ask the questions at appropriate points in the seminar. Make sure you understand everything. If thereís something you donít understand, let the instructor know so they can make things clear.

When the instructor teaches a technique, visualize it in your mind and picture yourself taking action.

Donít attempt to impress the instructors. They are going to do their job no matter what. Itís irrelevant for you to brag to them and itís not going to make them teach any better.

Keep your energy levels up. Youíre going to need energy to attend seminar and in-field. Get a good nights rest each night, and donít try and squeeze too much activity into your day.

Make the most of your infield time. Don't be late to the venue. Donít get lost in the venue and do your warm up approaches on the way to the venue. Itís on you if you donít get the help you need. Do not wander away from the instructors, especially if youíre in an extremely large venue.

Ask the instructor about your clothes our outfit. Get to know your fellow clients. Itís weird if you donít know anything about each other when youíre in the venue together. You will be winging with these guys tonight and, quite possibly for a long time. Get everyoneís phone number so you donít get lost.

Get to know your instructor before the boot camp. Read their classic writings, blog, etc. A lot of the instructors have amazing free content between this site, their blogs, and youtube.