Future Bootcamp- Washington, DC, July 2012
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    Future Bootcamp- Washington, DC, July 2012

    If youíre considering taking a bootcamp with Future, go ahead and sign up. This was one of the most fun weekends Iíve had in a long time. I never thought Iíd shell out the cash for a bootcamp, but a rough breakup at the beginning of the year left me in a low spot. Iíve been going out a lot and practicing, but I figured a bootcamp was the quickest solution to get a formulated game plan for building this skill set.

    I was lucky enough to have a seminar of great students. Tenmagnet also instructed. It was a real treat to have two of the most experienced dating coaches in the business at our fingertips.

    I probably canít say enough amazing things about Future. He may be the most charismatic person Iíve ever met. Heís extremely passionate about the success of his students, and hilariously funny. He bonded closely with all of the students, and I felt like Iíd made a close friend by the end of the weekend. He was dead-set on helping me achieve my goals. Heís got a vast reservoir of knowledge to pull from, and he did an amazing job of communicating it clearly and keeping everything easy to understand. His big 10 is absolutely amazing, and Iíd advise anyone interested in success with women to scour his blogóthereís tons of amazing knowledge on there.

    Tenmagnet was also great. He was hilarious as well and we were lucky to have him help out on seminar on Saturday. Both of the instructors were extremely easy to talk to and made the students feel very comfortable. They were excellent at providing useful feedback.

    Seminar was packed with knowledge and useful techniques. It was in no way, shape, or form a re-hash of Magic Bullets. Future was patient with all of us, and answered any questions we had. He made sure we had the material down before moving on and covering additional topics. Tenmagnet did an awesome job of discussing storytelling, and gave some very useful feedback. Seminar contained useful exercises and demonstrations that helped a lot in the field.

    The infield portion of the bootcamp was an absolute blast. I didnít get to spend as much time with the instructors as I would have liked to, but thatís not a bad thing since I was constantly talking to women. From what I saw of Future I was very impressed. Heís excellent at capturing the attention of an entire group and he looks like the life of the party at all times. Both instructors did a great job of winging and making sure everybody was in set and having a great time. On both nights I had an absolute blast and learned a ton. The de-briefing the next afternoon was so helpful in identifying sticking points and working on a plan of action for the next time out.

    I would recommend a Future bootcamp to anyone. I feel like a changed man. Iím filled with a lot of optimism about the next year of my life. Iíve got a ton of useful notes to go over and a solid plan of action for the next year. It was an awesome weekend. If youíre considering taking a bootcamp, do it! Future is an excellent coach and Iím wondering how much more meaning this bootcamp will have to me six months down the road. I donít even think I can get a grasp on how helpful it was right now.

    Thanks for a great bootcamp Future.

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    I'd also like to thank Phero for helping me sign up. He was great at answering all my questions about bootcamp and helping get me set up with an instructor that is really compatible for me. He's also been excellent at getting back to me really quickly on anything concerning my bootcamp. It couldn't have been easier to sign up.

  3. The Love Systems boot camp with Future and Tenmagnet was nothing short of outstanding, and hopefully this review does some semblance of justice to the quality of their instruction and professionalism. I only hope that my skills as a writer are sufficient enough to properly articulate what needs to be said about the stunning success that was the Love Systems DC Boot Camp that took place over the July 20-22 weekend.

    First however, I should provide some background about myself:

    I've been in "the game" for quite some time. After realizing my lack of growth and maturity in this part of my life, and after being fed up with a marriage that came way too early for my own good, I left my first wife in 2003 and began a new dawn of freedom and exploration in the world of dating and seduction.

    Keep in mind that this is WAAAY back, and yes, I will admit that I'm kind of an "old timer" when it comes to this stuff. David Deangelo seemed to be at the top of the dating hill back then and my first foray into this discipline was at a Los Angeles David Deangelo seminar all the way back in 2005.

    This particular seminar introduced me to just about every up-and-coming dating instructor, with personal attention given by some of the biggest names in the industry: David Deangelo, Mystery, Style, Brent Smith, David X, Hypnotica and Tyler Durden. These pioneers in dating science were all there to answer my personal questions and assist me with my weknesses. Needless to say, the top in-field schools were also out in full force, including Real Social Dynamics and of course, Mystery Method. At the time, the Mystery Method captivated my attention, mainly due to its highly structured, highly organized and incredibly regimental step-by-step process for achieving practical, predictable and repeatable success with women and dating.

    After solidifying my inner game with David Deangelo's teachings, I soon realized that a few things from his material were lacking, particularly with "outer game", or rather the real-world techniques that one could use when interacting with women.

    I felt the need for a structured game plan. And the Mystery Method was chock full of it. Jumping head first into the deep end, I spent countless hours writing and rehearsing original stories, routine stacks, and qualification and comfort building gambits over the course of two years, skyrocketing my success to such a point that almost no night went without a healthy harvest of phone numbers, dates and hot sweaty sex.

    I was well on my way to achieving mastery in this discipline, but then ... I fell in love, got married, and left Washington, DC and all its hotties behind for the next great adventure.

    As time wore on in small town America, my skills slowly and steadily degenerated into oblivion. Of course, my inner game was still strong as I travelled my chosen path, but I soon discovered just how perishable dating skills can be!

    Now that I've returned to the DC area with the last two years of dating descent behind me, I spent some time reevaluating where my love life currently was. I came to the conclusion that I'm very happy with what I've made for myself.

    My current wife is enthusiastically bisexual and unusually open-minded with how I express my sexuality. Although I'm married, we continue to maintain what some would call an "open" marriage, where we are free to explore other sex partners as we choose, so long as it does not interfere with our relationship and our family setting. Thursday night has thus become my "bachelor night", where I am free to pursue my sexual urges unabated. If this doesn't sound like heaven enough, my wife actually would like nothing more than to be a part of the action as well, and the threesome has been an activity in which we routinely participate on our date nights.

    So now that we've returned to a major metropolitan area, and since it seems that I've lost almost every skill I had honed so long ago within this disclipline, I came to the conclusion that it was due time for a refresher course from none other than a Love Systems boot camp!

    As a result, I arrived at the Courtyard hotel last July 20, 2012, with several goals:

    1. Learn everything I can about mastering the One Night Stand and Same Night Lay (for "bachelor" nights)

    2. Learn everything I can about sexual escalation, and integrate that into my threesome strategy (for "date-my-wife" nights)

    3. Fix any mistakes or bad habits I may have made when I was still using Mystery Method long ago

    Since Love Systems seemed to employ an evolved form of Mystery Method and since it, without question, is the most refined and comprehensive dating school on the market today, I figured that these guys were the way to go! The strategy, the structure and the systematic step-by-step approach to game that I loved would still be there, but with material that was a little more relevant to today's social environment.

    HOLY SHIT was I in for a shock!!!

    The Love Systems boot camp was everything I needed and more! After some brief introductions, we dove straight into the material. Future's personality, speaking style, and fall-out-of-your seat hilarity kept the seminar portion fun, fast-paced, and unforgettable. It was impossible to walk away from the daytime session without a vast set of turnkey strategies one could use THAT NIGHT during the boot camp's in-field portion.

    Everything from Opening to Seduction to Relationships and Phone/Text Game was covered. Pages and pages of notes were taken, with almost every groundbreaking concept fresh, new and refreshingly eye-opening compared to the archaic teachings of the past. It was like I was entering the world of dating science all over again. This wasn't just a rehash of the Mystery Method and a new tidbit of info here and there, this was revolutionary! All the classic relics of dating science, such as the "4 to 10 hour" rule, the "fool's mate" ruse, the kids-in-a-treehouse secret society jargon, the toxic "Go 5 for 5" mentality, the "Not advertising interest until she's done so first" strategy, and the utilization of incongruent routines and clothing styles were shown both in the seminar and the field to be nothing more than stone age anachronisms.

    My needs were addressed perfectly, with hours upon hours focused on One Night Stands, Same Night Lays, and sexual escalation. Future went even further by including a female guest speaker! Aside from being stunningly attractive (and dare I say, intimidatingly intelligent), she was able to give a female's perspective on my threesome strategy and the inclusion of my wife in realistic nighttime approach situations. No self-righteous judgment, no guilt trips, and no criticisms of my agenda were rendered. The entire boot camp felt like a custom-built curriculum crafted just for ME. I was thinking, "Who needs a Love Systems one-on-one course?? I've got THREE instructors all giving me expert advice!" The instructor to student ratio was literally 1:2!

    Back in the day, I crafted scores of stories that would convey my personality, my passions and my life's path. True, it was a fulfilling effort that brought congruence and consistency to my game. However, this boot camp took my old material and breathed COMPLETELY new life into it. Future's directions and exercises on teasing, Tenmagnet's session on storytelling, and Future's strategies for silky smooth sexual escalations refined my game to a level that within days have landed me over 10 hot leads with some amazingly beautiful women in the DC area. I'd have three dates scheduled this weekend alone if it weren't booked up already!

    During the in-field portion, every approach I performed was critiqued to the finest detail. It was painful to be as rusty as I was, but when I needed to sexually escalate, a nudge from Tenmagnet and a "Touch More!" prompt moved the flagpole forward on approaches that would've otherwise gone limp. "Don't be a dancing monkey!", "Isolate now!", and "There's a set! Open it!" were some of the most memorable acts of assistance I can recall. Future even went so far as to actively move another student's hand into the correct position on a woman's body, WHILE THE STUDENT WAS ALREADY TOUCHING HER!! The balls on that guy! And the best part ... it worked!!! The expert assistance and wingmanship for two-sets made my approaches far more productive and conveyed far greater value in the sets I opened. Without doubt, the in-field portion instilled more in four short hours than what weeks of research and practice using eBooks and DVDs alone could ever accomplish.

    There were times when I got into confusing situations, times when I struggled, and times where I became simply exhausted from all the opening, talking, moving and strategizing. During these down times, the instructors were there to make their own approaches and show exactly how modern game should be executed. The endlessly positive mindset was contagious, and after a short break from approaching set after set, I was ready for more. BOTH nights ended in success by allowing me to move forward with sexual hoop theory, physical escalation, phone and text game techniques, and giant improvements in my qualification and comfort sequences.

    Make no mistake. I walked away from this boot camp motivated, energized, and back on track with my sex life. Within just a week after the boot camp, I've met over 10 women, and am well on my way to closing the hottest ones of the group. I'll let you guys go for the rest. Hell, I'm on my way to lunch right now with a ripped and toned blonde hottie RIGHT NOW, after having used a DIRECT opener via Day Game at a Panera Bread down the street from work. Prior to the boot camp, I would've NEVER used a direct opener on any girl over an 8. But after one night in the field with Future and Tenmagnet, I've acquired the skill to make that approach, deliver the opener, perform the necessary follow-ups, and lo and behold I'm setting up a 25 year old for the inevitable fuck fest within days.

    I would ask you guys to wish me luck! But honestly, you shouldn't have to, because Love Systems and the brilliance of Future and Tenmagnet have made that pointless! Who needs luck when you've got the skills to get the job done yourself?!

    Future! Tenmagnet! THANK YOU!!!

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    It has been a couple weeks now since my boot camp with Future & Tenmagnet, which has given me more than enough time to reflect on my weekend with them. To get straight to the point, it was just a phenomenal 3 days. I was a little worried that due to the fact that Future has been a dating coach for several years now, he may not have the energy and the enthusiasm a new instructor carries. I couldn’t be further from the truth. The guy is at the top of his game when it comes to teaching students and I am talking strategy, in-field, personalizing your own game, and addressing sticking points. There is nothing more I could have asked for in this stage in my life when it comes to game then to spend 3 days with this dude.

    Tenmagnet is a Rockstar. His notes when I was in-field were absolutely mind blowing and really changed my whole perspective on the way I approach gaming girls. Most importantly he was so constructive, he was dedicated to ensuring we got our money’s worth in field by always being around us, and never allowed a hint of condescension. He pushed us, he saw our potential and knew what we were capable of.

    Friday afternoon, when we were all bullshitten and getting to know each other, I could tell right off the bat I knew I liked Future. He was a cacophony of hilarious dirty witty jokes about chicks and couldn’t have been any more entertaining. When we got down to business he was so seasoned in teaching his material and it was all so deeply thought out yet easily understood. It just all made sense the second he started teaching Friday until the evening we left on Sunday. He never allowed a look of confusion go unaddressed and answered any bizarre question we could come up with to a T. What was most important about his teaching method was he personalized it so well for me and the other attendees. He understood all of our personalities and where our strong/weak points were and made an effort to ensure we understood how portions of his lesson were affecting each of our relationships with women either positively or negatively. What I loved about this guy was his boldness regarding sticking points. He was a straight shooter and if you didn’t like his feedback, tough shit, cause he is 99% of the time right.

    I felt so powerful coming out of this bootcamp, it was such a rush spending 3 days with this guy. Don’t try and tip toe around figuring out game. Use my new Mantra which is:
    Go see Future, do what he says
    Go see Future, do what he says
    Go see Future, do what he says


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