Tenmagnet Bootcamp – Munich, July 2012 (W/ Vox)
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  1. Tenmagnet Bootcamp – Munich, July 2012 (W/ Vox)

    I was impressed by the professionalism of the bootcamp. We had almost a 1:1 student to trainer ratio. The instructors had an international mind set and adapted the traning to our country. Munich is not LA. The training offered many opportunities to ask the questions, we always had on our mind after reading through a ton of books. The mix of students was very diverse, but the trainiers managed well to deliver advice to beginners and advanced students at the same time.

    The instructors even exceeded their time comittments in the field for 1-2 hours, and adapted the schedule to later in the night to accomdate Munich life style. When we proposed a different location then planned, the instructors were flexible and changed plans.

    On Sunday eve, we even went into beergarden for a free extra 3 hours of stories, fun and expert advice. It felt like we were being friends.

    In the field, some of the instructors sent little text messages so that we learned "in real-time" what steps to take next. The instructors also joined game, and acted as role model and living proof of concept.

    The result is that for us it feels like a new language we speak and understand. Some of the students reported to me that the learnings were like day and night.

    I was surprised how well the group got along with local girls, speaking English language in a German field. The instructors were fun and intelligent, and quickly earned our trust.

    The bootcamp was worth every penny because it delivers so much more context than you can have with the books.

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    I can't but agree to what amoro said about the bootcamp.

    In a nutshell: I just loved it and its worth every cent of it.

    But I'd like to share some more personal experiences with you:

    A pleasant surprise was that our group was very small, Tenmagnet and Vox and another assistant trainer for just four trainees. I felt very comfortable with these guys right from the beginning - and with my fellow trainees as well. Real cool!

    During the Inner Game part Tenmagnet employed an amazingly simple metaphor about the human brain which very much helped me at one point during the infield training, when I got stuck. The seminar part of the bootcamp was packed with practial advice, from opening lines to relationships and although its in line with MB, it covers more practical aspects. It's amazing how much high quality, in depth material Tenmagnet and Vox presented during these three days. It was one of the few seminars (if not the only one) where I was never bored and concentrated till the end.

    As a starter on the first infield night we watched Tenmagnet opening a set of 4 or 5 very young girls, while we had a beer to relax a little.

    At the entrance of the 089 (the next venue) I talked to the hot girl serving welcome shots, it was fun and she offered another shot for free Nice!

    Then Tenmagnet pushed me to open a 2set close by. Although I was blown out, this is where the bootcamp really pays off: I immediately got feedback about how to do better next time. Since my opener did not work for me and my mind went blank as to what else to use as opener, our assistant instructor showed me that it does not actually matter what you say by using a really hilarious opener ("asparagus")
    on a set of girls. Just amazing!

    When Tenmagnet opened another 2set with me, I talked to a real cute blond girl from the Ukraine and had a lot of fun. Vox then gave me some advice specific to russian and ukranian girls...

    Mind you, these girls were in their early 20ies and I'm 52. I did not experience anything similar for decades! I would never have thought that they'd be attracted to someone 30 years older! This was one of the most stunning experiences during the bootcamp. And it happened over and over again. This really changed my mind about what options I had and I do love that!

    When we went on to Pacha (the main venue for that night), suddenly AA hit me like a sledgehammer. Our assistant instructor coached me for at least half an hour to get me going again. I very much appreciated that! That shows how professional these guy are in what they do and how much effort they put into getting you going again. He just did the exact right thing at that time and although I was very determined to pull this off I guess I would not have opened any more sets that night. Also Tenmagnet's metaphor helped a lot in fighting my inner voice telling me to go to the bar and have a couple of drinks instead of continuing doing what I set out for.

    After that I was back on, opened another 2set and with every set my trainers push me at it became more fun and more easy to do.

    The second night of infield training started at Cavos (another venue with lots of hot girls), I was much more relaxed than on the first night and opened 5 or 6 sets, the immediate and precise feedback from our trainers made me progress quickly. Opened one girl with a direct opener for the first time, it worked like a charm! Lot of fun, lots of hugs and kisses.

    Opened further sets in Pacha and watched Tenmagnet open a rather stuck up blonde who was taller than him by a head. She looked unapproachable and bored and pointed her cigarette right at his face, but iirc he k-closed within a couple of minutes.

    Towards the end of the night, I winged for one of my fellow trainees, then we exchanged girls, and I talked to a 21 year old HB8, very slim, perfect legs. After a couple of minutes I had my arm wrapped around her, felt her warm body and legs at my side while she cuddled up to me to show pictures of her hobby on her smartphone. Thanks to Vox for winging the other girl, particularly, after the official training hours were long over! That was not the only night I went home with a smile, but this night it was real big.

    The last day was also amazing, after the end of the seminar we hung out with our trainers in a well known Munich beergarden, listened to a lot of interesting stories and just had a good time. After a pizza and another beer with Tenmagnet I had to say goodby with a big hug!

    As amoro said, it felt like with frieds...

    Doing this bootcamp was one of the better decisions of my life!

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