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  1. KENT LAIR :)

    I've pm'ed a load of people any way but Im putting it out there so its obvious.

    Im 29, been sarging 4-5 nights a week for most of the year and dont intent to stop until im good or in a relationship with a 10. I've mostly been going out by myself.. but I've decided this wont do.

    Im trying to start a lair or at least a network of guys round kent who are keen and serious about learning. I've met five people so far and been in contact with a few more.

    Im more often than not in Maidstone, but do alot in Medway and sometimes Tunbridge wells.

    Im roughly intermediate level and happy to help out/wing/learn from anyone.

    Cheers guys

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    Hey man, I'm new to pick up and have just recently started to try a bit of day game. I live in Canterbury, and am serious about learning this stuff, and using it to improve my life.

    Obviously if you're still interested in creating a network of guys - I'm definitely up for it. So let me know.

    Cheers man

  3. I've met with people in Maidstone, Medway, Ashford and Canterbury now, and am meeting with more people in Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells and maybe Gravesend soon.

    Theres probably about 10 people all told but getting bigger all the time, and a few of us are on a (private) facebook group which everyones welcome to join.

    If anyones ever game to sarge get in touch and they'll hopefully be at least a couple of people round Kent somewhat close to you.

    Cheers Guys

  4. Wingmen needed

    Just moved to Medway need wingmen.

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