Told my ex (that ditched me) to simply stop contacting me period
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  1. Told my ex (that ditched me) to simply stop contacting me period

    She broke up with me back in December. Blah, blah. I've had high, lows, other lays, even a mini relationship (that meant very little too me) since then. But in one way or another, my prinary ex and I have had some form of contact every two weeks. Admitably a lot of those times were me drunk dialing her, and then her responding several days later and us getting lunch. But it always felt like charity on her part. And of course then there would be times that I was kicking ass socially or at work and doing well and "then" she would contact me. Which always had some lame set back affect. This included her coming over to cuddle one night while she was hammered. I didn't even get sex that night. wtf?!?! So I finally saw she was in fact attending the same event as me on facebook and decided I did not want to know if she was or was not attending shit because I did not want it to affect my motives for going, not going, etc. So I blocked her. And a week later she contacts me about it and I pretty much told her that I am done with her on my end too. Blocked her number, her email, and everything else. And I told her it was because I love her. And even though she ended things with me 7 months ago, that I am guilty of "leaving the door open" and so in order to move on for myself, she is cut off. And she was fine with this. And in truth, it has a resounding finality about it but it is just as well. I feel an ounce of newfound respect here. I certainly have never had someone that I have dumped do this to me. No every girl has always hung around and been available for my every whim, call, or drunken fuck request. And even if it means nothing to her, I feel better. Of course now I do not know if she is trying to contact or email me. But who cares right? I mean those contact attempts were just to "keep her options open" and/or to stroke her ego anyway. Fuck her I say.

  2. You sir, deserve a medal.

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    Better late than never!

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