Continue txting if she's with her friends?
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    Continue txting if she's with her friends?

    Context - day game cold approach on the street. No day#2 yet. I initiate first contact through text and find out that she's hanging out with friends.

    Without knowing exactly who she is with, I'm going to say it's better to keep it short and certainly not to try to get any logistics. I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are on this.

    Reasons not to continue texting:

    - She may be too busy to put any effort into her texts, thus leading to a poor interaction. That could lead to her to place blame on you for not making conversation interesting when in fact it was her.

    - Risk of being cockblocked. Her friends may think meeting up with a stranger she met on the street is weird/creepy. If the friends are girls, perhaps she's been cold approached in the similar manner (i'm sure more bad experiences exist than good). If the friends are guys..unless they're gay, you're probably just outright f*cked because they probably want to sleep with her/ know someone who wants to since she's hot.

    - Weak txt messages become even more weak. Take out the big magnifying glass and pass it around the circle for everyone to criticize how terrible the text/interaction is.

    Reasons to continue texting:

    - If she's interested, then you become a part of her and her friends' "world" as a topic of discussion... thus leading to less flaking.

    - If she's due for a date (i.e. single for a while, bad breakup, etc..), her friends may encourage her to meet you.

    What do you guys think?

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    Hot girls are busy a lot of the time.

    I wouldnt worry about what she is doing. If she is interested, she will right back.
    If she is busy she will wait till she has a minute and then right back.

    If she is with friends, she most likely isnt going to sit there and have a d&m with you over SMS.

    Also, SMSing at night can be a lot better. Mainly because girls are less busy and you can get her on the phone a lot easier.

    Cut the SMS down as well. Get her on the phone. The SMS is just a gateway communication to the Phone \ meet up.
    Shouldnt be used for idle chit chat.

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