Fader Bootcamp - Denver, July 2012
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    Fader Bootcamp - Denver, July 2012

    What can I say other then WOW...

    Going into this last weekend was Definitely an eye opening experience! Fader went above and beyond coming into this bootcamp with me being the only student. I got a chance for a once in a lifetime 1 on 1 with the world famous Fader. This guy has no hesitation in his seminar going through tons of material, making sure I understood what he was putting down as well as sharing personal stories that were relevent to the material. Now when you first meet Fader you can tell this guy is just energy, he looks like a well dressed normal guy, but the impressive moment came when we went for lunch and we met this beautiful girl at the elevator, thats when I knew that this guy was legit. Fader wasnt trying and we ended up with 2 free drinks and her number. (The chick was a resterant owner) He gave me the cards and was totally like...meh.

    1st Night:
    We hit up the strip club across the street. He gave several demos of his game. He also gave me several pointers on stripper and hired guns game. Now I could go into the magic that is Faders game but that would not do you any good, you need to see this guy live in person. After gaming several strippers and having a few Drinks we hit the club. Fader pointed out the sets and I jumped into the pool that is approach like a cannonball. I opened several sets including a five set of beautiful girls. Fader diagnosed problems, set me straight and sent me back into the fire fight. After winging the most rediculous moment of the night (Cocaine Cancer Patients) with Fader, we hit up some late night street approaches that was riddled with latinas and brazillians. He helped me with game, I helped him with spanish, saw a fight and called it a night.

    2nd Night:
    More of the same, Lecture, Strip Club, Club...
    Both nights I opened up sets that were from everywhere but Denver. Denver girls don't exist.

    Now I could've went more in depth on Night 2 but I decided not to. You NEED to GET this experience for yourselves. This guy is a very caring, legitimate Teacher/Friend/Professional. This guy taught me that in order to be fuckin Awesome I need to become Fuckin Awesome! Fader taught me to be better at life, be a better person, and being better with women is just a plus/side-effect of being fucking awesome.

    In conclusion, if you are hesitating on taking a bootcamp, DON'T! I would strongly advise you take it with 'THE CAPTAIN OF TEAM AWESOME FADER' Because this guy is on his way out to destroy Columbia in a few months!!!

    Gracias Amigo!


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    Uff you the only one at Fader's bootcamp? Hell what a damn luck!!! I did a bootcamp with him in May but I've been still reading every new review haha. I totally agree that it was an eye opening experience. And much more.

    - Pacman

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    Great workshop. 1 student who was supercool and I still talk to this day. Huge fan of Denver. If I ever decide to make the mistake of fleeing Colombia and going backwards in my life Denver is defintiely a city I would consider living in (though the stripcubs are shit). Got one last Denver up on the schedule and then we are through. Best line of the weekend: Me: So what do you do for fun? Her: I am dying of cancer so all I do is snort coke and have sex. Me: .....

    Also that girl in the elevator was a sweetheart!
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    Best quote from a workshop review ever "Overall this bootcamp was a short colombian 10, his teaching ability is a 10, and his game is a 10."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fader View Post
    Best line of the weekend: Me: So what do you do for fun? Her: I am dying of cancer so all I do is snort coke and have sex. Me: .....

    Also that girl in the elevator was a sweetheart!
    What a impact when i hear that! I remember i was watching a documentary about a charity auction where there is a solder spend a large amount of money on the auction. so generous....

    The interviewer ask "Why do you spend so much money on those items? what do you do for a living?"
    Solider: "I am a solider... and tomorrow i am leaving to North Korea.... to fight in the front line"

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