If she asks you how many girls you slept with ...

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  1. If she asks you how many girls you slept with ...

    What's the right answer. I'm 20, I slept with 5 ... told the truth to some girl today. She totally called me a whore ) Not sure if she was serious.

    What's the routine for that one ? )

  2. 5 by 20 isn't really that much in my opinion. She may have just been teasing you, I always tell the truth but my numbers are under 20 and I am 27 (was also married for 5-6yrs)

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  3. Hmm. Maybe reframe with something about how you prefer quality over quantity. I wouldn't give her an exact number though because I have a feeling she's just wanting you to jump through her hoop so that she can judge if you're a) a manwhore/player or b) not social calibrated. Just tell her you don't view women as numbers or conquests and it will be subcommunicated that she won't become another tally-mark on the wall.

  4. A gentleman never kisses and tells and a lady never asks.

    Enough to know how to do it right!

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    I usually go with an outrageous number, and just laugh it off.

    "How many girls have you slept with"

    "I dunno, like, 300 or something... I stoped counting after I got my double century on my 21st birthday "

    (I am only 24, so obviously I am joking... If anyone has actully done that... Nice)

    If they dont know your joking, just keep taking it further and further until they clearly get it

    "If you include anal, its like 400" (I have never had to say that, lol)

  6. I'm 21 and I always exaggerate and it always elicits a playful or curious response.

    If you don't exaggerate it then throw in a little tail end comment like "oh only like ten.....this week/month".

  7. Thanks for the responses guys. These are all good. No more jumping through hoops on this topic for me )

  8. Or come back with how many times have u had sex!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by cman View Post
    Or come back with how many times have u had sex!
    Ladies first!

  10. I don't like the You tell me first thing. That usually goes back and forth and it get's annoying ... in my opinion, I did that and after it stopped being playfull it was just annoying for me to ... I think exagerating is a better technique here

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