the Intern Day Game Field Trip(MUST READ)
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  1. the Intern Day Game Field Trip(MUST READ)

    What guys check out my new field report on my blog.

    I will also post it here, but it is better formatted on my blog.

    its sluggler again with another awesome field report. This actually just happened maybe 3 hours ago while i was on a intern tour of the U.S capital with other interns from my work place. Oh by the way if any of you ever visit Washington D.C make SURE you schedule time to tour the u.s capital building its awesome! So check that out when you are gaming in the area. Also there are HB's all over the grounds.

    So this morning we all met down stairs. It was organized by a lady who manages the inter program. So as i figured most of the guys were AFC's. ha it was pathetic. I was laughing at their attempts to game the HB's of the group. All of them crashed and burned. So when we met down stairs i walk in(Confident body language) and i immediately see the girl i wrote the 7-13-12 Friday Night Field Report about. So check that out if you haven't read it already. So i walk over give a light smile and give her a hug and said something though i forgot what i said. I'm sure this raised my value a lot, but even if i didn't know anyone there it wouldn't have mattered. All about your demeanor and body language.

    So i chat with her for a minute and then i walk over to the lady that was running the entire tour and give her a hug, Ive known her for about a year now. Again raised my value. I noticed a 2 set of HB's that were standing talking, so in my head i knew where my playing field was. :-) I love being in the game! I live for, what most see as impossible, moments like these. Of course most of the interns where acting all distant because its "work" environment and you cant show personality. This is the way they were acting so i walk in and start to living things up, shaking hands introducing myself and not really paying the HB's any attention.

    So we take off on the tour and then i immediately start talking to one of the random guy interns. I talked to him for most of the walk to the capital building. I noticed some of the other guys in the group pathetic attempts to start conversations with the two HB's. i was chilling in the cute at this time.
    ;-) There were a few more girls that some guys in the group tried talking to before crashing and burning. It was honestly funny, i remember those days. I honestly wanted to help them. Its really not as hard as they were making it. They were interrogating the girls:

    Where do you work,
    what office,
    what do you do,
    you like it,
    where do you go to school
    Whats your name?
    Where you from?
    TO MANY W's MAN!

    I was just like wow. Asking questions isn't bad, but you MUST transition from here. Ask one of the questions and then go from there. Anyway so i ended up talking to the 7-13-12 Friday Night Field Report girl for a while again, flirting with her and teasing her. She was enjoying herself and the others seen it. I then seen another girl i knew and began talking to her too for a few minutes.

    So then i noticed some other guys trying to talk to the HB's. It was one Georgian brunet with dark burgundy highlights and skin of burnt butter that all the guys wanted to talk to or seemed interested in. Honestly, i could have cared less if i got her number and planned for a day 2. That's how it should be. I'm proud of my progress. *Cheers!*

    So i interrupt the AFC's introduction and introduced myself to both the HB's and then walked off and joined my other conversation. So as we enter the building i start talking to the Georgian girl. Of course they asked me what office i worked in and what i did(IOI) and so i work in the IT field so i made jokes about me being able to see everything they do on there work computer. They laughed. So other HB blonde was starving for attention. At this point i made up my mind about which one i wanted to pick up. I wanted the Georgian girl, although i could have got the blonde if i wanted.

    So to make a long story short i ended up getting the Georgian girl to myself and begin to connect and DHV by astrology and talking about personal subjects creating that emotional connection that is pass the "small talk" phase all the AFC's were getting stuck in.

    So one of my other buddies noticed how close to my face she was speaking and how close she was to me. Its funny how seductive conversation is for female. Especially touchy subjects. I hadn't even used KINO. Its all about your words, tone, and body language initially fellas. Be confident. Everyone was watching and they looked stunned. haha. We talked about astrology, our president, how much she loves him, i made jokes about her zodiac sign(Scorpio), teased her and just really made her feel comfortable. I found something interesting in the museum part of the building we were in, and read about it, and brought her over to tell her more details about it. She was impressed with the historic item as most girls are. This started a whole conversation about how she wanted to be buried when she died. Haha *weird but hey that's AWESOME! Most people cant talk about things like this when first meeting someone it creates a awkwardness because the two aren't comfortable yet, or either the guy makes it awkward.

    So to make the story short the rest of the tour she was on me. I used the amazing freeze-out on her through out the rest of the tour and every where i looked there she was, standing closely in front of me, talking to me, i could feel her eyes on me most of the time, like she had never met a guy like me before. It was crazy and everyone was noticing it. Awesome shit!

    So on the way back i lost her because i was talking to another guy who wanted to go clubbing with me sometime. He was new to the area or something so i talked with him majority of the way back and noticed she and her friend fell way behind. Also i built rapport with the blonde friend for about 15 minutes while we were waiting in line at the museum part. I could have picked her up easily.

    Oh i forgot to mention the blonde made SURE she got to sit beside me in the dark theater where we watched a movie about the nations capital. I noticed her elbow was handing halfway off the armrest we were sharing so i gently grabbed her arm and set it up straight. She smiled. *The angels began to sing..The touch barrier was BROKEN**.

    While i was talking to the blonde the Georgian girl was off talking to the organizer and seen us talking and looked at me and smiled(IOI)

    So i lost her on the way back and i waited around the outside of my building and i finally seen her. So i called her over and made the CLOSE. I believe she thought i wanted her to come chill with me(which i didn't just wanted to get her contact info). She said they were headed to lunch and looked at me like "Come on". So i went up to her, Got her number. she asked me what floor i worked on again(IOI). I told her, and said i would give her a tour of all the cool things that go on, on my floor. :-) She laughed and smiled and said "Text Me". They were headed to lunch.

    See the average AFC that doesn't know any better would have went to lunch with them..NOT I. I was to "busy" and had to get back upstairs. ;-) i could have went.

    Anyway so we plan to hook up one day this week. Ill probably text her tonight. After reading Love Systems Ultimate Guide To Text And Phone Game , my text game is on point. I still have a few chapters left. Check it out! Good stuff.

    I thought this was such a good field report because of the situation.

    P.s Its funny how much a ONE successful interaction is like a 1,000,000++ confidence booster for the day. Ive been feeling it all day after. Its awesome feelings, that's how you will feel ALWAYS once you have inner-game.


  2. So yesterday evening i decided to send her a light hearty funny message.

    I had set up "callback humor" during our interaction yesterday by teasing her because she was a Scorpio. I liked this because i knew it would give me a good first text for her.

    So i text her yesterday, evening with no reply. I figured either she was busy or something. So i could have been needy and sent another text, but i just said fuck it after the night went pass and she still didn't respond. I figured she just flaked or something. ON TO THE NEXT.

    So this morning I'm sitting at my desk drinking my morning coffee, and a text arrives to my phone. It was from her.

    Here are the text to show some guys how to be light-heated humorous/cute with text messages and use "Callback humor":

    First Text:
    "Hey Scorpio! Its ****. I am out with some friends and noticed my Scorpio friend do the "Brow Of The Scorpios".

    This was a joke i teased her about how all Scorpios have that one brow lift they do. She did it perfectly which was funny.

    The next morning she replies:

    "Hey ****, sorry didn't read your message till this morning."

    Wait...She just sent another text as i write this post.

    "Haha. I told ya. All the Scorpios gotta have that brow lift."

    So..Now what do i do? I push her text to the side and continue on about my day. I will send her a response some time this evening.

    Points to take from this:

    Don't be needy or impatient when texting or waiting for a response from females. Just be patient or figure she flaked and say f it, and maybe hit her a day or two later.


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