Do you have more success with Day game than Club game?

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  1. Do you have more success with Day game than Club game?

    I often find I have more success meeting and closing girls I meet during the day than at a club. First, there are often more girls walking around by themselves during the day, and its low pressure so their shields are down. Its easier to have a solid conversation for 10-20 minutes and share mutual interests if you are doing a hobby.

    I think clubs are tricky especially for beginners. They are louder and more unnatural. Most guys under 21 aren't used to the music or the layout. It takes more practice and time to get comfortable at a hot club, not to mention the hassles of waiting in line and high priced drinks. You have to worry more about image and wearing the coolest or shiniest clothing. There's a shorter time factor, perhaps only a couple of hours to talk to the hottest chicks, from 9-12 when the club gets packed. Also, in smaller cities and dive bars, there might not even be that many girls in the bar, let alone attractive girls. If you do meet girls at clubs, there's a higher flake factor because its harder to create memorable comfort in such a short period of time, amid the other distractions and competition.

    Just wondering if other guys have more success with Day game than club game?

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    Varies from person to person. Some people are great at day game and suck at club game. Club game is generally high energy and a lot of sexual attraction. I personally think day game takes more skill, but most pua's will tell you if you can master club game you can excel at day game.

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