how chinaman got his groove back

good afternoon gentlemen quick scoop I'm recently returning to the game been about 3yrs since i actually been out and really trying to focus on the pick ups, i came to realize that my lifestyle greatly changed when i changed occupations from becoming a known nightclub host to turning wrenches on vehicles although it was a great learning experience feels great to be back in the social world now I,m a bar and restaurant manager at a kitchen and lounge in El Paso Texas. so back to the point last night i decided to go out for a drink after closing the restaurant up and i headed out to a pub right down the street from my work, i saw a HB8 witch was a hired gun behind the bar and that when it hit me, this would be a great start point in me returning to the game i sat at the bar and negd her on her bar tending skills after i tasted one of her martinis and decided to stick to beer, started to do some push and pull actions and giving her high fives when she would earn it or a slap in the hand when either one of us would disagree with . as I chatted along i meet other people at the bar and got an inside scoop on my target that she is way more difficult to pic up i smiled with eagerness to prove everybody wrong i decided to close my tab out and call it a night payed her out and tipped her one dollar and told her again that her bar tending skills were horrible but then gave her a 20 dollar bill and told her if it went for your personality you would have a crappy tip she laughs and I stand there with a smile and that's when i closed told her lets exchange numbers so we did i woke up this morning with a good morning txt from my target this morning and realized i still have my groove just have to dive into the pool.