Need help for when the call goes to voicemail
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    Need help for when the call goes to voicemail

    I have this girls number that went cold a while ago. We went out once but I screwed up by acting too AFC and so I stopped contact with her for a few weeks. Now I want to call her but I'm sure it'll go to voicemail.

    However, when listening to the interview series I heard a good line for voice which went as "Hey just wanted to see what's up, it's not everyday you meet someone cool..."

    Problem is I really can't remember the line and I don't know which interview it was from. It was really good and apparently it's led to some girls reinitiating after going cold. Anyone remember the line?

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    If there hasn't been contact for weeks, go with text.

  3. My rule #2 is never leave a voicemail.

  4. Just mass text these girls. Low investment texts are also non-personal, so you can just blast them out and see who answers.

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