Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Toronto, July 2012
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  1. Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Toronto, July 2012

    Nick Hoss' Day Game/Dates mini-seminar was incredible. Having attended a bootcamp last year, and knowing firsthand how much information the instructors throw at you over the course of a single weekend, I was surprised and impressed by Nick's ability to cram a ton of great info into a single, 3-hour seminar. In fact, I took over 6 pages of notes in my notebook.

    He covered pretty much everything one would need to know to get started in day game and went pretty in-depth into dates. Not only did he go over the inner game for these two subjects, he also gave us loads of outer game tactics as well....all gold. Additionally, he set aside 30 minutes for Q&A at the very end of the seminar; all of the answers he gave were both insightful and clear.

    There's a great concept from the book Mastery that says that a great instructor is someone who gives as much attention to the student who has trouble grasping the basics as he does his star pupil. Nick Hoss exmplifies this concept exceptionally. He treats EVERYONE as his equal and he never talks down to anyone, which as a student, I value. In all sincerity, he was a wonderful teacher, very genuine and helped me out a great deal. On top of that, he's a great public speaker, is funny, smart and is just an all-around nice guy.

    I had a great experience hearing this info, meeting some like-minded people in my area and getting on Nick's client newsletter. Trust me, this is a STEAL for only $60.

    Can't recommend this enough. Thank you Nick and Love Systems.


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    I also attended the Nick Hoss day game mini-seminar in Toronto (July 12). I'm an alumni of Cajun and Tenmagnet, so I already knew Love Systems seminars are dense, but Nick Hoss exceeded my expectations and delivered a great overview of the core concepts of day game. He covers all the basics (direct openers are your friend, conversation archetypes, and follow-up date ideas), but also gave us some of the nuances of day game (body language and physical positioning on the street, and the importance of being genuine and conveying interest).

    A major highlight though was Nick's enthusiasm and candor. You can tell he loves his work, and it's clear the he's putting 100% into helping his students reach their goals. When he demonstrates the delivery of a line or story, you can tell this is his calling - I knew his students were in good hands that weekend! He's also honest about how he came about all this - a chump to master PUA tale, if you will, and I found that motivating.

    I should also touch on the value the seminar provided - for $60, this was a steal, even for a guy like me who has a lot experience and a Love Systems bootcamp already under his belt. As a way to get the core basics of day game, sample a full bootcamp, and see a master demonstrate proper delivery in-person, these mini-seminars are hard to beat.

    Great stuff Nick!

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