Broke Up with GF. No Contact or Just Little Contact?
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    Broke Up with GF. No Contact or Just Little Contact?

    I broke up with my girlfriend earlier this week after dating for 3 months/being bestfriends for over a year. We ended things on very good terms with no anger or animosity from either of us. To make a long story short, she is going through a lot of personal issues with her family and it started to put unneeded stress on our relationship. It eventually got to the point where we weren't happy, so we decided to both maturely walk away from it for now.

    Now with that being said, i'm still kinda sad about ending things but I knew it was the right thing to do at the time. I still love and care for her but I know I need to get away from her for a while to get over the relationship. So i'm thinking a few weeks of no contact would fix that.

    But what makes it difficult is that I know she's going through a lot right now and i'm one of the only people that she opens up to. So it's hard for me to go No Contact on her knowing that i'm one of the closest people in her life. (after I told her that i'd always be there for her). I know it's not my burden to carry and that I should be selfish and think about myself now...but I really do care about the well being of this girl and want to help her through her problems.

    But how do I handle it when she texts me 'Thinking of you' and other stuff like that. I don't want to get pulled back in, at least right now...but I don't want to think I've turned my back on her and abandoned her.

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    Just be honest with yourself

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    tough. yeah im going through a break too, and while theres no family issues w the girl, i feel the feeling of turning my back on her. she was getting really close and seriously loved the shit out of me. I just wasnt feeling it and walked away. It caught up to me and i felt overwhelmed with almost regret and anger and sadness etc.. like i threw this girl away.. so i agree with bday. just be honest. if you get sucked back in, be honest about it. You might in a moment of weakness.. I know I would if the timing was right. I guess the way i look at it is that break ups suck in general, everyone will agree esp if it was truly meaningful. You can slip up - feelings are gonna get hurt, just be as true and OPEN about things with her if feel the need to see her or be there for her. Shell have moments of weakness and will play on your feelings, and you might so the same to her.. so just elaborating on what bday said..


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