Playing the "social theater"
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  1. Playing the "social theater"

    first I just want to say I really like this forum. I just accidentally googled one of your articles, and since than I started a Journal in the Field Reports section called MY SUMMER JURNAL. I've made incredible progress in just 3-4 days. But there is one thing I am stuck on.

    I realized, that when you go outside, try to get girls or even talk to your male friends you have to play this "social theater". I have always thought that it is immature and unnatural to act this way, but when you play this theater, everything is just going well, compared to when people find you boring with your logical thinking.

    But I have a tendency to slip back and stop playing the theater sometimes, because I am not totally convinced it is the right thing.
    I want to ask you, more experienced people, do you also have this feeling like you are playing a social theater when you are outside? Do you think it is necessary to play the theater till the rest of our life? Is it really that important in life???
    I am ready to start playing this "social theater" every day from now on, I just need words from someone more experienced to assure me.

    Thanks for the reply, Also feel free to check my blog, it's full of my deep thoughts

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    I replied to your post on the newbie forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeJo View Post
    first I just want to say I really like this forum. I just accidentally googled one of your articles,
    No it wasn't an accident. You googled for dating advice. That is not an accident. I bring this up because you don't have to justify to anyone why you are on this forum. And that is what this sentence is. Grow a pair.

  3. I just wrote how I found this forum, it's not supposed to be me trying to justify anything lol. It was just an introduction sentence lol. Chill out.

    Anyway thanks, for the reply, it is very helpfull.

  4. Hey JoeJo,

    I don't know what you mean exactly by social theatre.

    If you are referring to the game I don't think it's social theatre, I think what it is : a game. What make a game a game ? It's interesting, fun and a hell of a good way to pass your free hours. I think the lines and routines we use are just a warmer up to actually be those kind of guys that make up shit like this all the time, get their mindset, becuase if we are on this forum we cleary are not doing something right.

    If you mean how people act fake and superficial, yeah it's stupid sometimes, I can't take it. One of my personal missions in life is to call out people on their shit so I do and I get respected for it and blows some peoples frame right out of their heads.

    But maybe I'm not getting where you are coming from exactly, you weren't very percise.

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