some body help me with this girl
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  1. some body help me with this girl

    i met this girl about end of may and it was suppose to be only fwb and we hooked up the first time soon i saw her at club she told me to text her she never textd back so i saw her there at the bar we were suppose to chill after when i left i textd her she got mad sayin oh know you text me and blew up my fone i got annoyed didnt talk to her to week later we she told me she caught feelings and said she liked me so i liked her to and things were good she text me every morning and night and hooked up again and at first i just wanted to hook up with her she would tell me she really liked me and asked me out on a real date i was like ok so when that day came i asked if she was stil wanting to go out that night she said she didnt know she just started working some bar so i was like ok when am i gonna see u shes all idk so i got mad and agitated she said she didnt know what she wanted so i was like you sound like every other girl i use to talk so cpl days go by she textd me a lil bit sayin she was mad cuz i compared her so cpl days go by again i textd her a normal hi and how was your day and slowly things got better i acted like nothing happend i told her i made her a cd and she sent texts with like 4 smileys she said i thought you forgot i was like no i didnt and i saw her and spent the night with her and didnt have sex just cuddled then i saw her again we were suppose to out that sunday but she never answered till cpl hours later askd if she stil lwanted to she like im tired and i askd she wanted to chill still she said yea and was gonna call me back never did next day she said she got fired so this week we text back she textd me first 2 days but yesterday she didnt text be till 9 at night saying hopin ur day was good so i texted her back and i text her this morning and she hasnt textd back she said she was with her best friend its her bday but what should i do at first i just wanted sex but i really starting to care for her and i helpd her get with a down payment at apartment it was only 100 bucks idk if that was smart move but she said she really appreciated it and kept saying thank you but please help what should i do next how come she hasnt textd me back

  2. Also she was in a long relationship and recently single for bout 8 months and she had admitted she was scared when i turned things round but said we were both being clingy but the thing was she was textn me first and kept saying she liked me .

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    Dude use periods in your sentences its hard to read.

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    Spot on ^

    Space out your paragraphs, and use proper grammar to make it easier to follow your train of thought.

    Anyway, you have done serveral things that most people on here would advise against.

    1) You showed a lot of neediness. Complaining about her not knowing what she wants, and comparing her to other girls. Just ignore it. If she doesnt know what she wants, just say fine, and continue having fun. Dont pressure her. Relax.

    2) WTF! You helped her put money on a bond for an apartment? Um... Why? She isnt your girlfriend, from what I understand, you hardly know her... I know it's only $100 but its a slippery slope to being used.

    3) You only have feelings for her because she is giving you nothing. You just want what you cant have... Everyone does it.

    4) Making her a mixed tape is pretty AFC - It's not that romantic. She isnt 12 years old. She isnt your GF. There was no special occasion (as far as I can tell). Just shows you are into her a lot more than she is into you, and you are willing to invest a lot more time and effort into her, without her having to actually do anything for your attention. Not only that, but you are rewarding her bad behaviour

    I am not too sure if this chick is into you.

    Can you establish the time frame of when this has happened?

    How many times have you seen this girl / How often do you see her?

    Have you two had sex?

    IMO She doesnt really sound like she is worth the effort. Keep her as a medium fuse. Just keep doing whatever you are doing. Dont be needy or get frustrated with her. Just relax, and see her when you can. I would advise you to lower your texting volume, and increasing your call volume. Text are a sure attraction killer if you do it over a long period without any voice to voice, or person to person...

    I am sure you if post more details we are able to help out further.

  5. bout total of 8 times its been it started beginning of june yes we first started out as fwb just sex she had asked me to make her a cd isaw her twice last week

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    Just keep doing what you are doing then. Nothing wrong with it.

    If you have sealed, then just relax. She obviously likes you. Just dont be needy/clingy and you should be fine.

  7. okay so i should just wait for her to text me cuz she never replid back and still nothing yet

  8. should i worry i still havent heard anything back i havent texted her thought since yesterday morning. Thought let you know some more details at first she said she didnt have a facebook but when we started talkin cool again she added me .

  9. damn well i freaked out cuz she wasnt on my friends on fb no more and called her she answered we had discussion idk if it was good idea she said she been busy working and tired alot i was just tryna ask if we were still on the sam epage

  10. You are being very clingy/needy. Relax, take a step back.

    Wait for her to initiate contact. You are smothering her a bit.

    Just because she doesnt write back for a few hours is no need to freak out.

    If you keep clinging to her, it will push her away. Go a few days without speaking, and wait for her to initiate contact. She will. Give her the gift of missing you.

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