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    I was in San Diego a couple of months ago for work and went out with my coworker. After checking out the Pacific Beach area and hitting a couple bars we ended up at an upstairs bar right on the beach and it was packed and the drinks were flowing. I went up to the bar to get a water, as gaming sober is something I've been working on. I come back and we start talking to some girls next to us. They ended up leaving after a bit as they wanted to get some tacos. This sounded like a great idea so I start talking to another girl next to me about where the best taco stand in San Diego is.

    I felt my energy increase with this interaction. I asked her name and said you look like your in grad school with a non-fake major. She said she was in undergrad.

    So I said Well what other qualities do you have!? You're not married are you? Lets check your hand, what if this ring was on this finger at the beginning of the night and you just took it off and switched fingers, god you're such a player.

    She said no I'm not married! I said good, lets go get some tacos, were getting tacos tonight.

    At this point she was pretty hooked, but went off with her friends to the other side of the bar.

    So I end up talking to a guy who saw our interaction and he tells me some other guys are hitting on her, and I say I'm not worried about them, they look like they just out from under the pier.

    About 10 minutes later she came back over and I told her I already told my mom about her and used a lot of things I learned from an interview series, Taking Things Sexual. Need less to say I had her laughing and verbally escalted and ran her through some sexual hoops. I tell her you know this is going to end bad, I can already tell. And during this point she steals a drink from one of the guys who was hitting on her, and I tell her she is such a bad girl. I go back to talking to my coworker for a little bit and some of the same guys start to try hitting on her. I'm sitting right next to her at this point but facing the other way, and every so often I would whisper in her ear that guy is perfect for you, guaranteed your first date would be a dinner and a movie.

    So after a while the guy leaves, and I turn to her and say you know what, I still havent been to the ocean. Are you adventerous? Lets go on an adventure. So she tells her friends we're going to the ocean, and we go down to the beach. Makeout ensues in about 30 seconds, and within minutes I'm fingering her. I'm looking at where I can iside her, and try to get her walking towards a dark pier, but its pretty damn far away. So I tell her I need my chapstick which is in my rental car. So we head about 5 blocks to the car. I ask her what she is doing tomorrow, and she says nothing. She's a sorority girl and has play intermurual soccer the next day. I say jeez this keeps getting worse, you play soccer? She says yeah, but shes going to be hungover. I say I'm not a judger, you should be trying to have as much fun as you can. And I say sometimes I play hockey better when I'm hungover, (which is sometimes true). So I keep up trying to have a non-judgemental frame and saying how much fun college is etc. We get to my rental car, and I say come sit in the back seat with me, its romantic. We start fooling around, and I get inside of her, with not very much LMR.

    What I feel made this possible was I came in with high energy and was pretty dominant early. IVS 42 is a great interview series and played a major role in making this happen. Also setting the non-judgemental and have as much fun in college as you can frame. Also she had been drinking.

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    "Also she had been drinking" - love that you punctuated with this! Good LR, sir!

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    Gracias savage, it was a fun night!

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