Wednesday Night @ Moscow
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  1. Wednesday Night @ Moscow

    After two days of resting on my laurels, I started to get that “pua itch”, which desperately needed scratching. Luckily, while sitting around in my restless state, I received a message from my roomie asking if I was down for gaming at Moscow. I thought “Hell yeah… does a bear shit in the woods!?!?” I guess sarcasm is a side effect of spending one too many days inside the house…

    I hurry up and finish the last bit of work for the day; that way, I can get a workout in and prepare myself for the retardation to come. Adam (my roomie) enters the building, flashing a charming smile as usual, and gives me his customary witty remark of epic gayness. Maybe it’s just me, but I notice a lot of the really good Pooahs have a very homo erotic sense of humor... Call me paranoid, but I have started to think that the gay jokes aren’t a sign of comfortable masculinity but more of a cover for being on the down low. Anyway, Adam quickly grabs some food and we head out.

    Once we reach the line at Moscow, we are greeted by 5 Pooahs who are friends and ex coworkers. You have to love la for its strong Pooah presence; as a newbie I wish I could’ve lived here. There is never a shortage of guys who want to spend a night on the town prowling. Plus, some of the coolest guys I know, I’ve met while roaming the streets.

    Everyone catches up briefly with one another before we are hurried inside to start out the night. It’s early in the night and the place hasn’t quite filled up with women yet, which is to be expected, as we’re there early. The mega group splits up into mini groups of two (so we don’t look like sausage on the prowl; it just looks bad from a woman’s perspective to have too many guys and no girls). We wait for the place to start packing up.

    At about 11 PM, we notice the place is starting to fill, so we descend into the fray to warm up. This is always a great way to get into a talkative and social state, the prime state that you want to shoot for. NOTE: You can talk with your wing and joke around. Not enough people do this, and then they wonder why their encounters blow out. But if you just vibe with your wing and have some fun, the women around you will notice how much fun you’re having, and more often than not will comment or give you proximity, because they want in on the fun. While warming up, we forget that we’re “supposed” to be gaming, and just have a shit load of fun. We run into some weirdos here and there but they aren’t like regular weird people; they’re Hollywood’s finest. However, we’re greatly amused.

    One set that sticks out my night, was this group of 4 very fit girls. All of them were very attractive, but the one who caught my attention was the bubbly red head of the group. I approach immediately and compliment her style and energy. I knew her friends were feeling a little left out for 2 seconds, so I turned to them stating that “I am not one of those assholes who hits on your friend, then forgets about you guys” (I do this all the time, especially when I go direct with the girl I am interested in. This allows me to communicate to the friends that I understand, leaving them out of the interaction is rude and socially un-savvy. Plus they’ll just cockblock me.) I ask all of the girls names, shake hands with each and start to banter with the group before I mini isolate my target. All of a sudden my girl goes add bunny on me and starts to engage some other guy nearby, which clues me into the fact that these girls must come here a lot. I now have a dilemma on my hands, because I have to continue engaging the friends till they hook even though I want to bring my target back into the convo. However, if I leave to go talk to her I know they will cockblock later. I decide to stay chatting with the girl’s friends as I know she is obligated to come back and check on her friends (This is a great exercise to play with at home. Sit down and think about the social norms we engage in when we go out to socialize. The reason for this is to up your knowledge base on the way women think and social rules.).

    The plan is to build commonality with the friends and make them love me till their friend came back. Then bring Ms. Add Redhead, back into the group. Ms. Redhead comes back and I jump onto her immediately; big mistake, because further down into the convo Ms. Redhead leaves again. So I thought that talking to her friends again wouldn’t be an issue…. Wrong, and here’s why. When my girl came back into the group and I engage her immediately, it telegraphs to her friend that I had an agenda while talking with them. It shows, I didn’t really enjoy their company and just occupied them until the girl I really wanted to hang out with comes back (They felt used and played. Are job when going out is to make everyone feel good and have a good time. Not to manipulate people for our own selfish gain.). Get the picture?

    The damage had been done because of my miss-calibration, and started to spiral. I decide to cut my losses and head for greener pastures. I end my night with a couple numbers and someone wanting to interview me. At the end of the day, failure is a part of the process, so learn to accept it and move forward. We sometimes take leaps off a cliff and hope to god we can fly. Learn and continue to grow in-spite of-or even because of-your mistakes.

    Till next time evil doers, your friendly neighborhood,

    -Jay Protégé.

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