Scandinavian pickup trip: Looking for wingmen!

Hi guys,

Three friends and I are going on a Scandinavian pick up trip from July 21 until August 11. We’ll travel by car and will not keep to a tight schedule, but we will|visit the following cities on or around the following dates:

Copenhagen: July 21 – July 24
Stockholm: July 26 – July 29
Helsinki: July 31 – August 2
Oslo: August 5 – August 8

We’re looking for wingmen in these cities who like to show us the city and all its nice venues. Furthermore, we’re looking for places to sleep as well. So, if any of you guys has room and likes to show us around and party with us, let me know!

About us: all of us are from the Netherlands (age 25-29). One has been gaming for 7 years and has been coaching individuals and groups for about 2 years (club game). The others have been introduced to pick up in the past years, and until now have been focusing on club game. During our trip we will all follow the 10/10 rule: approach at least 10 sets in the daytime, and 10 sets during the night.

Love to hear from you Scandinavian pua’s, and looking forward to visiting your playground.