Club Visit - Mobility/Waitress Questions and Issues
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  1. Club Visit - Mobility/Waitress Questions and Issues

    Went to two clubs Saturday night. Was just killing time waiting for a call from the hospital where I had dropped an aquantance so wasn't trying to run pickup.

    First club tries to pretend to be a high end clip joint. They had raised the cover from $5 to $8 which I thought was ludicrous. Stripper actually approached me when I was standing up after I came in and was walking around. Told her I dated a stripper and she took all my money so I wouldn't be spending any. She says "I can believe that," and walks off. More strippers than customers. Unusual for a Saturday. But this club is so ridiculous that they used to have bathroom attendants on weekends. Was happy there wasn't one that night. I did think about approaching a stripper at the bar sitting alone but didn't. Left.

    Second club is my regular club. Man, I'll never go on a Saturday again.

    As I walk in, HB6, who I knew, is sitting at the bar (used to be an HB8 but she put on weight) and talking to another guy and when I walk by she nabs me and ignores the guy she's talking to. I tell her I have to go to the bathroom and try to sneak past her when I come out and sit down. But she's on me when I sit at the table. I'm thinking since I may get the call and have to leave anytime I'll go ahead and buy her a drink. She is a pretty good conversationalist.

    This became the worst of worst cases. They had three stages open and the girls would come by asking for tips after every dance. So about every minute you are interrupted by a stripper coming by asking for a tip. The $25 drink became $32 with the "alcohol". And this stripper I'm sitting with is dissing me and backturning me and getting up to leave all the time. I call this "pin down". Its where the money extraction machine of the club goes into full effect. In this club, like the other, there were more strippers than customers. I just think have gotten to be such clip joints that guys are no longer interested. Its one thing to pay and have a stripper with integrity give you a good lap dance or conversation. But that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Maybe the economy. I had to listen to her sob story of how whe is working 12 hours a day to make ends meet. Having had enough when she back turned me once, I got up and said "I'm leaving." Oh there was a final ingominity. The stripper I dated a year ago was dancing. She's gone from HB10 to HB 7 or maybe HB8. She came by asking for a tip and we talked breifly. Turns out what I thought was a disease was actually a gall bladder problem and she had surgery and she said she had pumped out another kid in the year since I last saw her. I had no feelings for her mainly becuase she is such a sleeze ball.

    I did seem to have some fun with the waitress. She's a spitting image of Rosanna Arquette. But as this was a strip club waitress and I've never tried to game one, I don't know whether she was giving me false IOI's just to get a bigger tip and help HB6 clean me out or was really interested in me. I had good banter and held attitude and at one point she was sitting on my chair looking into my eyes when HB6 had left. Seemed like she was kind of "peacocking" around me. She said she was a stripper for ten years before she started waitressing. But its the most attention I've ever gotten from a waitress.

    But I'm thinking you really need to keep mobile in the club to avoid "pin down". I know classical stripper pickup entails sitting at a table and having them approach you, but that wastes a lot of time and it also lowers your value if she gets up and leaves because you are just sitting there like her little bitch. I honestly think if she gets up to go do something you should too rather than just sit there. I've been thinking on this issue of mobility in the club recently.

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    Did you sit too close to the stage? If you were not gaming then how about sitting at the bar? Have you ever tried blowing off the ones looking for a tip?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Love Monkey View Post
    Did you sit too close to the stage? If you were not gaming then how about sitting at the bar? Have you ever tried blowing off the ones looking for a tip?
    I was sitting about midway between two of the stages.

    The problem with the bar is that you can't watch the stages when you are sitting there.

    I tried to use my rountine to blow off a stripper coming by asking for tips. I said, "could you turn around and shake your ass for me?" She does and does this little tiny shake. I said, "sorry, not hot enough." Then this stripper I am sitting with says, "yeah, its hot in here isn't it" completely ruining it for me probably on purpose.

    I just need to have more balls.

  4. That sucks Wiz. Even your home joint has crap like that going on. After my recent experience, I'm never going back to that again. I've got a good girl now, we're having lots of fun, and I really came to the conclusion that I don't need strippers. If you're going to work these girls though, take some of that advice you've given me

  5. Absolutely dude. I should follow my own advice shouldn't I? I'm not interested in a girlfriend, but strip clubs fascinate me.

    Your adventure illustrated what I found to be true and that is calling them on their game and being alpha is the way to attract them.

    The problem is, I just don't have your set of cahones. I flinched on my field test of my "weird ass" routine.

    I hadn't seen this stripper for months and she was on me like glue. Thats why you never want to spend money in a club. You get marked as a customer or regular and thats a hole thats almost impossible to dig out of. You did, but that was exceptional.

    Glad its going well for you.

  6. Here is something that has really helped me understand stripper psychology. Its called "Hustle Hut" on "Stripper Web" and its a forum where strippers post their techniques on gaming customers for maximum profitability.

    I've modified my views a little after reading some of the posts there.

    Its amazing how similar to PUA game the stripper hustle is. They talk about approach and closing, opening lines, etc. To them there is the LD-close, CR-close and VIP close. That would be lap dance, champaigne room, and VIP room. There is also a lot of discussion on getting "in state" before running game on customers.

    The reason they ask you if you live around there and whether you have been to the club before is to calibrate which kind of game to run on you. If you are just visiting they will run rapid escalation because they know they are only going to get what they can get out of you that night. On the other hand, if you are a local, they will normally try and build comfort to try and make you a repeat customer/regular.

    There are only a few posts on boyfriends. The big concern is how their boyfriends affect their hustle. Like is he wanting to go out on a Saturday night because that can really affect their earnings. Or, a breakup can affect their earnings because they are not in state for the hustle.

    Some might find the discussion of their eye contact techniques interesting as I know we had a discussion of this in another thread.

    But strippers view what they do as a job. Its sort of like having a boyfriend and going to work at a big office. Only they are in the sales department and always trying to figure out how to increase their commission.

    I saw a lot of techniques that were used on me. The Western Union moneygram was discussed. That would be used on chumps like me that lived a ways from the club. They recommended strippers get a PO Box to recieve payments by mail from chumps they are working.

    Also came across an interesting discussion of PUA's in the club. They call these guys "predators" and generally avoid them. The techniuque was to sit at the bar and only talk to the bartender. One stripper said that if you use any technique long enough you are bound to eventually find a stripper to pick up on.

    I'd recommend reading some of the posts there if you are going to a strip club to understand what you are dealing with.

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    One of the strippers I know calls them wastes of space and other colorful variations

    A lot of them avoid me when I talk to the bartender, but the way to fix that is to have one or two strippers that you know high five you. This seems to up their comfort level, or put you in their sights.

    In any case if I really want to pick one up I could just go where I know they stop for lunch/breakfast. I also know where a lot of them go to party after work. This gives you way better chances.

  8. Strippers lump all customers into the PL (pathetic loser) category. That means your value is less than zero out of the gate by association. There are a lot of strategies such as sitting at the bar and talking to the bartender or becoming friends with the DJ that attempt to take you out of that stereotype. But even if you get back to zero by sitting at the bar and ignoring them, they just ignore you, because you have no monetary value to them. If you spend any money you are just digging yourself deeper into the hole.

    That's why strippers generally have boyfriends they have met outside the club or, if inside the club its like the beer delivery guy. You see, even she likes you as a PL, if she has sex with you she looks at it as losing money.

    Thats why I personally think you need to be alpha because that bumps you out of the PL category. You can see in Porsche's case, that when he went super alpha she became very attracted. I've found the same thing. I had this one cute young blond come over and ask me if I wanted to buy her outfit for her and I said "hell no." She stuck with me after that and I'm pretty sure I could have taken her home if I had some game.

    Along that line I had a pretty good laugh reading a thread by one stripper who couldn't understand why these guys in Vegas were looking in her eyes and kino-ing her but wouldn't buy a lap dance. Well I knew that these were PUA's runnning game, but she was completely oblivious and I'm sure these guys thought they were making progress but she wasn't even thinking that they were attractive, she was just gaming them for a lap dance. Another stripper was just as clueless and said these guys were just the kind that like to get free touches and never buy a dance and recommended she cut and leave if more than three songs go buy without a sale.

  9. And to add a little. In the encounter I described in the first post, when the waitress came over with the drink and said "that will be $32 with the alcohol, is that OK?" I said "no, take it back and take the alcohol out of it." That line got her interested.

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