FR: newbie at mall, AA screws me up
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    FR: newbie at mall, AA screws me up

    Very frustrating day in the field. I went over to the mall for a newbie mission. I have a serious sticking point with approach anxiety it seem. For a warm up, I decided to approach 5 women and ask for the time. It was slow, but I managed to do it. After that I went to the food court to get some lunch. However, when I decided to take up a level and tell five women I thought they were beautiful, I couldn't muster the balls to approach. Most of the women I saw at the mall were either unattractive or too young. Maybe I should have approached the unattractive women anyway. Also, had I not had that lunch break perhaps there was a chance I could have built up some momentum.

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    Keep opening people of interest if you can find them. Comment on the mall food, and get their opinion. Really though some malls just suck. I have to go two cities down to find a good stream of cuties.

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    Try this, it makes it easier because really your getting an opinion and then you can build on top of it. Go to a JCpenny or something and get two samples of colonges and then go open to girls with that. It works great and helps you get over AA

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