Wings in St-Petersburg

Hi, all!

I'm looking for English speaking wings for sarging in St-Petersburg.

About myself:
I'm 32 yo and live in St-Petersburg, Russia (before October 2012).
I'm into sarging and seduction since 2006.

I have 3 years of active practice and 4 years LTR with one of the most beautiful girls in Russia (how do I know this? because she managed to get to the final stage of Miss Russia contest)

I had about 150 girls so far, 70% from online game, 20% from night game, 10% from day game. However, after a 4 years gap in practice because of my LTR I had to start from a scratch 2 weeks ago.

My strongest skills are online game and online same day lay. My online record was 15 girls in 3 weeks, 80% same day lay.

I'm quite good in nightgame and picking girls who are not models. I rarely use same day lay in nightgame because I hate to fuck at 4-7 AM. Usually I just collect numbers and meet then on the next day.

Daygame was always my weakest skill so I'm interested in developing it most of all.
During last weekend I completed a journey from daygame AFC to moderate level player. I collected a bunch of numbers of HBs (one was model-quality) and had a daygame same day lay for the first time in my life. I had a few lessons from Krauzer PUA, he's one of the best daygamers in the world. Usually I use Sasha PUA or Nick Krauzer approach in my daygame.

In October 2012 I gonna move to Australia and live there during cold season in Europe. Therefore I'm interested in sagring in English.

My goals:

Daygame in Russian. I will make 500-1000 aproaches and become more effective then Sasha PUA or Nick Krauzer.

Nightgame in Russian. I want to be able to seduce top-model quality girls in the best clubs of Russia. So I want to have persistent success in picking the best girl in the clubs.

Verbal game in English. 99% of my experience was in Russian, so I have to learn verbal game in English and I'm going to travel Europe before October to get prepared for Aussie native speakers.

My offers:

I'm looking for English speaking wings for sarging in St-Petersburg and Europe.
Age 25+ is preffered. (I dont wanna look like a dad with a son ))

Skype me if you are looking for a wing in St-Petersburg or Russia

Skype is on my phone, so I'm always online if my phone is on: