Lay Report (summer of lovin')
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    Lay Report (summer of lovin')

    Figured I would share some of my adventures with you guys, get some feedback & just reflect, because I get a lot out of analyzing good dates/lays etc.

    It was a Saturday night, I had been down on _______ island all afternoon & when I got back home, I was sunburned & tired, but still felt that need to get out there, meet a girl, make things happen. So, I got a text from one of the girls I've been talking to on POF. We shot a few text messages back & forth & then I got the idea that I should meet this girl for a drink downtown. I said something along the line of - "What are you up to tonight? Crazy idea, let's meet up for a beer." - She was down. So, about half an hour or so later we met & then walked towards the pub that we talked about going to.

    On the walk over, we talked about...
    - What I had been doing earlier that day; hanging out at the beach, getting a sunburn, etc.
    - Asked her how many guys she had met off the site so far
    - She told me I was the 2nd
    - mentioned that the first guy was kind of weird, but now they are friends
    - teased her a little bit about that
    - talked about bad date horror stories, told her about the time I went out with a girl who's house looked like something from an episode of 'Hoarders'
    - she told me that her house was a mess that night because she just moved in not too long ago
    - I said "Haha that's funny, there was another girl that I took out one night that I told that same 'Hoarder' girl story to, & she was then very afraid to show me her room. So, basically, I'm never telling another girl this story again. :P" (It's all about tone & confidence, that dialogue was delivered in a very aloof way)
    - Mentioned that (one of my bad date stories) - "one time I took a family friend out...I couldn't resist, she was starting to look really good for some reason, but it turned out that *I* just felt no chemistry for her...we went out to see a dates are the worst, I don't recommend them."
    - She then threw in the sexual innuendo - "Yeah, unless the girl was wearing a skirt."
    - I laughed & teased/said that she looked too innocent to be making innuendos like that

    - Got to the pub & ordered beers
    - talked about what we each do for work
    - I got into talking about music (That's what I do). Told her about my two bands. Compared the two, told her why each of them is fun in their own way. Really showed my passion for music.
    - Told her this was the fastest/most spontaneous meeting that I'd ever had with a girl off of the internet (true)
    - Talked about her writing & film background (school). Told her I love to write as well.
    - We somehow got talking about whether guys/girls do everything with a reason/purpose/motive behind them or not. My thoughts were that with men, most things are more logical. Like coming to meet her that night, I obviously had some reason for doing it & that with women, they are more driven by their emotions
    - Anyway, long story short, things were really on at this point. The conversation was flowing well & we were both really enjoying the conversation
    - She said that I seemed to her like a very - "nice, funny, non-threatening guy..." but I could tell that it wasn't the bad kind of "nice" in this case
    - Then, of course, the conversation turned to sex; what we each like, sexual fantasies, etc.
    - She told me she had some, but that she would tell me when we went for a walk after our beers
    - finished beers went for walk
    - told me her fantasies; turns out she's rather kinky
    - told her some of mine
    - She said - "What if I just give you a peck (kiss) at the end of this date?"
    - Me - "Meh W/e....why would you do that to yourself? I would probably think that's pretty lame. I mean, usually so much depends on that first kiss with someone. You know, there have been times that I was really into a girl, but then the first kiss just ruined it."
    - we decided to walk to a nearby park that she told me was close to her house (about 2 mins away)
    - walked to the park, held her hand for a bit
    - sat on one of the benches
    - Made out for a bit
    - We got to the point of talking about what I would do to her if we were having sex. Told her I would spank her, pull her hair, kiss her neck (did it right there & then)
    - Things started to get pretty hot & heavy right there on that bench
    - I eventually had her bent over on the bench as I spanked her (summer dress up) right there in the park, it was rather hot
    - She said something along the lines of - "So, I've just met this guy, we only talked for a little bit over text, we met up & now I'm wondering how my nights going to end."
    - A bit more making out & I said - "Alright, should we get out of here?"
    - Her: - "Let's walk back to my place & then we'll decide."
    - Walk back to her place
    - There was no deciding, we just went inside. Of course, that was just her token anti-slut defense/slight resistance

    ....& a gentleman doesn't kiss & tell but it was a fun night.

    keys to success on this date:
    - I was very relaxed
    - I was just enjoying myself & the conversations we were having
    - I was genuine (to the point of brutal honesty) & funny. All good humor comes from the truth.
    - We met at a place that worked out well (logistically speaking) because it was so close to her place

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    2nd report: Different girl from first report

    - 2nd date with girl
    - went out for a drink at local pub
    - good conversation, teasing, not a whole lot of kino (she was across table) but I find this is okay if you build the sexual tension within the conversation (Credit: David DeAngelo)
    - Got ready to leave pub, girl offered to pay with debit
    - Found out bar didn't take debit, I said I would pay for convenience purposes, she said she would just withdraw cash from ATM
    - Later, she told me that she had been accused of using men (for money) in past relationships & that it was now a habit of hers to either pay or split the bill on for me
    - Drove back to my place
    - Kissed her at one of the intersections
    - Went down to my room
    - let her check out my room at her own pace as we talked & I sat on my bed
    - After she had checked out my room, she came over to the bed & sat down
    - Talked for a bit more
    - Went in for the kiss again, made-out, escalated things by grasping her hair on the back of her neck, sucking on neck, biting bottom lip (a killer turn-on for girls, by the way)
    - Went to touvh her boobs & got a non-verbal no when she brushed away my hand lightly
    - Moved away from boobs
    - Caressed her parts of her body; her legs, ass (from outside skirt) etc.
    - gently caressed the lips of her pussy which were soaking wet, I knew I had her at this point
    - softly fingered between her pussy lips
    - then stuck my middle finger in and fingered upwards (with "come here" motion") hitting her G-spot
    - Decided to put on some music
    - Did that, when I came back she gave me a bit of resistance when I went in to touch her pussy again
    - Kept her legs closed so I went around from underneath, to which I got the laughing reponse - h, you`re just going to do it anyway?"
    - I said - "Why would you resist? (smile)"
    - Her - "This is only the second time I've seen you."
    - Me - "yeah, but you're pussy is SO wet."
    - Back to fingering her

    I'll stop there...I figured that some of you might get some value from the resistance part.

    - M

  3. Nice! Over came that resistence by persistence and fearless! Nice.


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